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Teach casino games in school says a professor

By mr-casino on 2014-02-10 13:28:14

It has been reported in the general casino news that the best way to avoid young people getting into trouble with gambling addiction at a later stage in life is to give them lessons in gambling at school which might seem a little strange. Teaching youngsters how to play online casino games such as poker could in the opinion of lead to players thinking they are better than they really are which could in turn create more problems than might otherwise be the case. Although the fact that online casinos offer free casino games which could be played by underage gamblers is mentioned it is the games offered through social media websites that come in for most criticism where it is necessary to buy additional features or weapons to continue with the game. Where the link is between that sort of game and online casinos is not clear but cannot imagine that gambling lessons is the answer and anyway why do children have to be taught in school how to play such casino games as roulette or blackjack? Many of us will have learned how to play these games at home often even competing with parents for a few sweets and the large majority do not have a problem with gambling. There is a small danger with free online casino games that winning makes it seem an easy way to make money but conversely losing should make youngsters realise that there is no such thing as easy money and after all they are more likely to lose than to win as everybody knows. Perhaps a better solution, instead of attacking online casinos, would be to teach them how to handle finances and money such that debts are not run up not only by online casino gambling but also spending too much on a credit card.