Casino and online casino list for Ireland

The absence of a land based casino is no problem

By mr-casino on 2019-04-11 09:16:54

It would be great to have a selection of Irish land casinos in addition to the selection of online casinos which are here already but unfortunately this does not seem likely in the near or even medium term so Irish casino players will just have to make do with what is available. Actually this is not such a hardship as Ireland probably has one of the widest choices of online casinos of anywhere in Europe but this freedom can also bring issues such as where a new online casino player should go and what to watch out for. Anything internet based is open to malpractice and online casinos are no different but fortunately there is some sort of legislation in place to protect players but if the players do not know about it then it is not much help. Legislation states that an online casino must have a license issued by any European country in order to operate but there are in fact only a few countries that regularly issue licenses and monitor online casinos for correct operation. Those countries include Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Alderney and these are the best known. It is no coincidence that these countries are also recognised as being low tax areas so many online casino operations are based in one of these countries including our own Paddy Power Casino. has a list of online casinos for consideration and all of them are correctly licensed in one of the mentioned countries and indeed some have an additional license which is required to operate in the UK. The UK license does nothing to increase the authority or improve the operation of an online casino as it is merely a way of the UK Government making sure that they receive tax on UK players. So far this is the only country to have introduced these measures although more may follow. This has no effect on the players as winnings from online casinos are tax free so there is nothing to concern ourselves with. There are other countries such as the Netherlands which does everything it can to prevent online casinos operating even if they have a valid license but this is principally to protect the state owned casino operations. Fortunately Ireland has a relaxed attitude to all forms of online gambling so there are no issues at all. Another important issue for would be Irish casino players is the casino software which is being used. It is common in the sports gambling world for the necessary software to be developed and written by the gambling company themselves but it is very different in the casino gambling world.

In the very beginning of online casinos the software was developed by the companies themselves but over time it became very complicated and time consuming so one of those companies decided that having spent time and money developing the casino software it could market it to other online casinos. The idea was quickly adopted by others with the result that today virtually all online casino software is developed by specialist companies and virtually all online casinos use one or more of those products to power their casino. The software is very important because at the end of the day it is that which is going to play a major role in whether you enjoy the experience or not as that is what determines the casino games available and the graphics and soundtracks. The largest of the casino software developers are in no particular order Playtech, Microgamng and NetEnt closely followed by Amanet but there are plenty of other smaller operators who are no less good but simply have fewer games on offer. Thoughts go here to the likes of Thunderkick or NYX Gaming who feature in online casinos such as CasinoLand. Some online casinos prefer to use just one casino software on their site in an exclusive arrangement. Paddy Power is an example of this using just Playtech but many other s on the list here at prefer to use multiple products to increase the choice available to players. There is no right and wrong here it is simply a question of personal choice.

Just as there are large and small casino software developers there are also large and small online casinos. The large ones tend to be attached to major players in the sports gambling world but the smaller ones can be much more friendly and as they are using the same casino software thus offering the same casino games they can be a preferred choice. As in casino software large does not indicate good or small bad it is simply the number of customers which determine large or small and it is no coincidence that many of the top rated online casinos on the list at could be considered small. Being small also creates the opportunity to be more nimble and flexible with special promotions popping up on a regular basis.

One promotion that has attracted the attention of many online casino players can be found at No Bonus Casino. This particular online casino thought that the common practise of offering special casino bonuses to new players only was unfair to existing customers as their loyalty should also be rewarded so they embarked on a principle of offering the same promotions to everybody. At the same time also thought that the bonuses which are commonly offered have so many terms and conditions attached that actually getting your hands on any of the bonus money can be difficult so they decided to give cash back if a player loses instead. This might sound strange but it is simple enough. If a player makes a deposit into their online casino account on any day and somehow manages to lose all of that deposit on the same day it was made then the very next day 10% will be refunded. The cash back really is cash and it placed in the players account making it available to do with as the player wishes and of course the offer is for every player on every deposit made. This makes No Bonus Casino a very good choice.