Casino and online casino list for Ireland

The best casino for one is not the best casino for somebody else

By mr-casino on 2018-05-30 10:48:59

There are plenty of web sites that claim to know which is the best car or best vacuum cleaner or best anything but t is very difficult to find one which claims to know which is the best casino. There are plenty of sites, including this one, which will give an opinion about what they consider the best online casino but at the end of the day it is very much a personal choice based on what you are looking for. As a very simple example when buying a car, some people will insist on having a low or even zero interest rate on a loan while for others it is irrelevant. When it comes to online casinos some will consider an attractive new customer bonus as essential while others do not consider that important at all and will go for an alternative online casino that offers a more permanent promotion. has tried to cater for all by suggesting a list of 10 online casinos and while they are placed in some sort of order according to their preference the most important thing is to choose from the list as they are all known to be correctly licensed and well run online casinos with honest casino games and good encryption to keep your details safe.

Top of the list is All Irish Casino which is believed to be the only Irish focussed online casino. This online casino has been around for a number of years and has an excellent range of casino games from a number of casino software suppliers. The main casino software is NetEnt which has some very interesting and entertaining casino slots but is supplemented by some casino slots from both Microgaming and Amatic Industries. The Microgaming slots are best known for their huge progressive jackpot slots and Amatic for the simpler end of classic slots so a combination of the three gives customers a very large choice indeed. All Irish Casino also appeals due to the use of as little legalistic jargon as possible. Of course there have to be terms and conditions which protect both the online casino and the customers but otherwise things are explained as simply as possible. Casino bonuses for new customers are a pretty standard deposit match but there are also regular mid week promotions of deposit matches which are available to all customers.

If you are not concerned with new customer bonuses then there are two other possibilities on the list which are NO Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino, both of which offer the same incentives to all players all the time. No Bonus Casino is probably the only online casino to offer cash back if you lose as an alternative to a deposit matching bonus. This sounds great and it actually is. There are of course certain restrictions but in principle if you make a deposit into your online casino account on any day and, by playing any of the casino games, manage to lose the whole deposit then 10% will be refunded the very next day. Apart from being available to all players all the time one of the big features of this promotion is that the cash back is placed into your playing account rather than any form of bonus account. This means that there are no restrictions whatsoever on what you can do with the money; you can carry on playing any casino game or you can even withdraw it if you so wish.

The second alternative option is Freespins Casino and as the name suggests when you make a deposit it entitles you to a number of free spins on a selection of slots. The number of free spins awarded will depend on the size of the deposit, which of the three free spins options is chosen and the casino slot which at which those free spins are to be played. As regular online casino players will know, when playing free spins it is virtually impossible not to end up in profit. Free spins are awarded on a number of casino slots during regular play and it is generally the way to make big money. Having played the free spins therefore you are obliged to play the winnings a number of times before you can access the cash which is reasonable as otherwise the online casino would simply be handing out cash and wouldn’t be around for long. Even if nothing comes from it in terms of profit there is a lot of fun to be had simply playing for free.

Whether any of this makes one of them the best casino is a matter of opinion but at least there are options. Most players will judge an online casino on the casino games which they have but in truth this comes down to casino slots. Casino games such as roulette or blackjack are pretty much the same anywhere so which casino software is being used is largely irrelevant. The casino slots choice can however be of great importance but even then there are differences in what players are looking for. Some will be jackpot players who are willing to stake quite large amounts in an attempt to win a huge jackpot of millions of Euro while others prefer smaller but more frequent wins on a regular machine with no jackpot. Clearly jackpots can only build up by restricting payouts of smaller amounts. There are also players who like machines with a theme and there is plenty of choice there from TV shows to Marvel comic book heroes to popular music classics such as Jimi Hemdrix. There are also players who like to follow what is going on with ease and therefore dislike those casino slots which have too many winning lines in random patterns. For those, Amatic Industries slots are likely to be more popular as they even have simple three reel slots with one winning line which is a throwback to the original fruit machines of year gone by. Put simply what is the best casino for one is not for another so try a few and make your own choice.