Casino and online casino list for Ireland

The best casino from all online casinos is not easily defined

By mr-casino on 2018-07-17 10:27:39

As an online casino portal, tries to make recommendations to Irish casino players about where they can safely enjoy the excitement and entertainment that online casinos offer but one of the questions frequently asked is which is the best casino. is happy to make a recommendation about which is the best casino and that would of course be the one that is top of the top ten list which right now is All Irish Casino. However, if it were that simple there would be no point in listing a further 9 online casinos. The truth is of course that different people look for different things in an online casino and some like one approach whilst others prefer something else so it becomes impossible to say that there is a best casino for everybody. All Irish Casino certainly fits the needs of many with a great range of casino software which provides hundreds of casino games whilst at the same time keeping the site extremely user friendly and customer oriented. There are also regular mid week bonuses to look out for such as tomorrow (18th) when the casino is offering a 30% reload bonus up to €150 and the week after on the 25th there are 50 free spins on Jack and the Beanstalk™ or Gonzo’s Quest™ up for grabs.

Fun Casino is an interesting addition to the list at number two and concentrates on the fact that an online casino should be fun. It has some fantastically clear graphics and of course a good selection of casino games but where Fun Casino really makes a difference is in the approach to problem gambling. Online casinos can never be fun if a player is playing beyond their means but the issue for the online casino is knowing who those people are. €100 to one person might be a drop in the ocean but to another it might mean eating or not. The only person who can decide is the player so Fun Casino takes steps to encourage new players to set their limits before they start playing during the registration process. At this point it is hoped that players recognise where the fun level stops. We have all heard and seen the promotion which says “when the fun stops, stop” but as long as there are things like credit cards it can be very difficult to carry out in the heat of the moment. If on the other hand you have set limits in a calm atmosphere it becomes much easier. These limits can be set in a variety of ways such as deposit limits or stake limits and once set they can only be increased after a seven day period. They can be reduced immediately at any time. All of this is an attempt to keep online casino in the fun zone.  Realistic limits can only be set by the players themselves but if they refuse to place limts then Fun Casino will apply default limts instead. Online casino play must remain fun at all times.

Number 4 on the list is No Bonus Casino which has taken a totally different approach to the casino bonus. It uses very similar casino software to All Irish Casino so all the casino games and slots are there but it recognises that not everybody likes the idea of a casino joining bonus for new players. New players do but then you are only a new player once so once you have had that bonus there is nothing more. It must also be recognised that joining bonuses for new online casino players are notoriously difficult to actually get any cash from due to the strict terms surrounding that money. For those that are not aware, the customary joining bonus is what is called a deposit matching bonus whereby if the player deposits €100 into their account, the casino will award the new player with an additional €100. The point is that this €100 bonus money cannot be withdrawn from the account until it has been staked a number of times which is usually 40 times plus it is not unusual for casino games such as roulette or blackjack not to count towards that requirement. The net result of this is that it remains fun to play games such as casino slots effectively for free with the bonus money but removing winnings may prove problematic.

No Bonus Casino takes a different approach altogether and instead of a bonus gives cash back if you lose. This might sound a bit strange but it is actually very simple and effective. If you make a deposit into your online casino account today and somehow manage to lose it all by playing any of the casino games on site then No Bonus Casino will give you back 10% in cash the very next day. This alone might be good enough to convince some that this is the best casino but it actually goes one step further as the cash back is not placed into some bonus account or other but is refunded directly into your playing account. This means that it is immediately your money to do with as you wish which can include carrying on playing or even removing it from your account. Note also that this is not a one off promotion for new players only; it is available to every player on every deposit into the casino which makes it a pretty cool offer.

Number 5 on the list also provides an alternative to the one off joining bonus by offering free spins on every deposit made into your online casino account. The actual number of free spins depends on a number of factors such as size of the deposit, which casino slots are selected to play them at and which of the three free spins options is selected but once again the promotion is there for every player to take up on every deposit made into their playing account. Maybe this is the best casino.