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The game of craps is quite easy to play as only two dice are involved

By mr-casino on 2011-05-03 09:58:36

If you asked somebody in Ireland to name a casino dice game it is most unlikely that they would name craps but in America craps is by far the most popular dice game in the casino. What makes craps a popular game in the casino is the noise that surrounds it and the excitement that is generated mainly due to the fact that the craps table is big enough to accommodate around 20 people at a time and is identical at both ends. The online casino version of craps is the exact same game as played in land based casinos but the table is only half the size as only one end is needed. The game of craps is in fact quite easy to play as there are only two dice involved and although there are 36 possible combinations of the way the dice can fall there are only 11 possible outcomes for the total of the two dice and that is what matters when playing craps. There are numerous bets possible at various stages of the game of craps so for a more full explanation we suggest you go to our play craps page here at but if you stick to simple bets such as the “pass line” bet and the “don’t pass” line bet you can have a lot of enjoyment and follow the game quite easily. In very simple terms a pass line bet wins if either 7 or 11 is thrown with the first throw of the dice and it loses if 2,3 or 12 are thrown; anything else is called “the point” and causes the dice to be thrown again possibly multiple times. When the dice are re-thrown a pass line bet wins if the point number comes up before a seven and loses if the other way around. This is in fact more complicated to explain than it is to play so play free craps to understand the pass line and don’t pass line bets and then have some fun..