Casino and online casino list for Ireland

The internet brings an online casino to your home

By mr-casino on 2016-07-03 16:01:38

The coming of the internet has brought many advantages for many people but for Irish gamblers the internet casino has been a great innovation. Gambling in Ireland had previously been restricted to visiting the bookmakers shop or being a member of one of the few card clubs or members clubs but with internet casinos popping up everything could be done from home and with much more variety of casino games than were previously available. Today there is huge choice of online casinos and being in Ireland means that there are no restrictions and all online casinos are legal as long as they are licensed by a member of the European Community. In actual fact there are a number of countries that tend to specialise in licensing of an online casino such as Malta or Gibraltar and even online casinos that you maybe thought were completely Irish such as Paddy Power Casino are based in these overseas territories. There is nothing wrong with this as the licensing of online casinos in these countries is very strictly controlled and well managed. Most of the well known bookmakers such as Paddy Power or Ladbrokes have online casinos but with the coming of the internet casino there is no need for a physical presence in the country in which they are operating which means that we can now see purely online gambling companies having an online casino such as 888 casino. Not all online casinos are big names in the gambling industry and in fact as you may have noticed recommends a number of smaller more specialised online casinos such as All Irish Casino that try their best to focus themselves on Irish casino players rather than satisfy the whole world and they do it very effectively. A smaller online casino is generally able to be more friendly than a larger one where you are just a number and often they are able to pay out winnings or withdrawals much faster. The casino games such as Roulette or Blackjack are pretty much the same wherever you play and certainly the rules and the payouts are standardised but when it comes to casino slots there can be quite a difference in the various online casinos which is basically down to the casino software which is being used. Very few if any online casinos write their own casino software these days preferring instead to use one of a handful of specialist companies which also goes to explain why several online casinos carry the same casino slots. Which of the many online casinos you choose to play at will in part depend on what casino software they use.

All of these internet casinos are of course in competition with each other for your business and they will try to attract you with special offers often in the form of a joining bonus. Be aware however that these offers are a one off and only available for new players so once you are an established casino player there are no more bonuses. There are alternatives to this one off bonus that are covered later in this article but for example at the time of writing Paddy Power Casino is offering €10 absolutely free to new registrations but you might it difficult to actually withdraw winnings from that free money as there is a play through requirement of 40 times. For those not familiar with the term play through requirement it is the number of times that an amount must be placed as a bet before any winnings can be taken from your account. This arrangement is very common in the terms and conditions of casino bonuses. If for example therefore you take this €10 offer you must stake €400 before you can take money out of your account and this can actually be a lot higher depending on which casino games you play. For example roulette, which is a very popular casino game, only counts 20% of the stake towards the play through requirement which in the above case means staking €2000. Of course the free money allows you to play the casino games but the chance of making any money from that cash is quite remote. Along similar lines Paddy Power casino also offers up to €500 as a deposit matching bonus but this is in fact spread over three casino deposits. The first deposit can be up to €200 and you will receive a 100% match or in other words €200 whereas the second deposit of up to €200 is only matched for 50% meaning €100 and finally the third deposit you make is again matched at 100% up to €200 so in the end to get the €500 bonus you need to deposit €600. The play through requirement is advertised as 20 times but be careful as it applies to both your deposit and the bonus which is effectively then the same as 40 times your bonus.

As stated previously there are a couple of alternatives to this bonus system one of which is at No Bonus Casino where there are no casino bonuses. There is however an interesting alternative and that is cash back if you lose. This works at Nobonuscasino as follows; you make a deposit into your online casino account of any amount and if you are unlucky enough to lose all of it in the same day then nobonuscasino will refund 10% of your deposit the very next day and you are free to do what you like with that cash including taking it out if you so wish. This is offer is also not restricted to new players at the online casino; it is available for all players for every deposit they make into the casino. This is one of the reasons that recommends this online casino to Irish casino players apart from the fact that it also has great casino software and a huge rage of casino games. You can form your own opinions about whether a one off bonus with heavy play through requirements is preferred to money back if you are unlucky.