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The live casino option at online casinos does not use an RNG

By mr-casino on 2014-12-05 12:36:56

Online casinos have one drawback for some people and that is that the whole thing is run by what is known as a random number generator or RNG for short which when playing on casino slots makes no difference but is most noticeable when playing roulette as the RNG will select the winning number but then the ball has to get into the right slot on the wheel which can in some circumstances lead to some strange and erratic movements. This does not of course mean that the RNG is operating incorrectly but if it produces a losing number it can create doubts in some casino players minds. There is however an alternative in the form of the live casino option where the roulette wheel is actually being spun and the movements to the winning number are just as you would expect. Live casino is available at nearly all online casinos these days although how it is run does vary from online casino to online casino with most having a special room often in Eastern Europe with webcams to stream the pictures directly to your computer. There is one online casino that offers live casino directly from a studio attached to an actual casino and that is All Irish Casino where the streaming comes from the Oracle and Portomaso Casino in Malta which does at least guarantee you professional croupiers and dealers and being Malta the language is less of an issue should you wish to use the chat lines. Live casino generally has higher minimum bets than the regular online casino which is of course to make sure there is enough money to pay the dealers but the chances of winning are pretty much the same as at any online casino game. You may also find that online casinos have introductory offers for new players at the live casino option even though you may play regularly at the normal online casino.