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The luck of the Irish in the casino news this week

By mr-casino on 2012-02-29 15:07:50

There were mixed fortunes for Irish people in the casino news over the last few weeks ranging from a $10 million jackpot to “woman bites man” and we bring both stories to you here at in our general casino news section. Firstly the good fortune of Brendan Riordan who originates from Cavan but now lives in New York along with many of his family after his parents emigrated more than 10 years ago; Mr Riordan is an estate agent in New York and his story in the casino news is that he recently gave up smoking and used some of the money saved to buy more lottery scratch card tickets than he might otherwise have done with the result that on January 28th he bought three tickets in the New York Lottery “ win for life spectacular” one of which has one him $520,000 every year for the rest if life and a minimum of $10 million. When questioned in the general casino news he replied “You can’t even get it into your brain that this has happened, people are telling you and telling you and telling you, but it’s just a number in your head”. Giving up smoking is one thing and it appears from this casino news article that it can lead to greater things. In a less happy casino news article we read that a woman who has a history of an alcohol problem took the law into her own hands when being refused entry into the Colussus Casino in Dublin from where she had previously been barred. According to the casino news the mother of four took exception to the security man preventing her entry and bit him on the hand, luckily it appears her teeth were not sharp enough to break the skin. The woman in question also has previous complaints against her of being intoxicated and not paying taxi fares while under the influence. It would appear an online casino is safer..