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The next spin in online casino roulette is not influenced by previous spins

By mr-casino on 2012-03-04 10:22:25

There are still many roulette players who believe that a whole series of red numbers mean that the next one will be black and then bet accordingly but the truth is that every spin has the same chance of being black or red and past numbers have absolutely no bearing on what will happen next. The online casino game of roulette is possibly even more random than the live casino game as it is driven by a random number generator whereas in a live casino some will claim that there is always an element of how symmetrical the roulette wheel is or how hard the croupier throws the ball etc but in our experience even live casino roulette is a very random casino game. Despite this many casino roulette players still believe that certain numbers come up more frequently than others or that if certain numbers have not dropped for a period of time then they are due; if you are a subscriber to this theory then please play roulette according to your theory as even though you stand no better chance of winning the very theory of randomness dictates that you also have no worse chance of winning. The same applies to those who spread their bets around the roulette table randomly changing with every spin or those that stick to specific numbers for the duration of the session; they both have an equal chance of winning. Another myth that sometimes prevails amongst newer players to online casino roulette is that some bets are better than others and the classic being that betting one chip on each of two adjacent numbers separately is better than betting two chips on the split between the two. Even though a single number pays at odds of 35 to 1 and a split only pays at odds of 17 to 1 the secret of the calculation is that your winning stake is always returned so in both instances a win ends up with 36 chips. The same applies to any bet on the roulette table which is why it is such a great game for online casino players..