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The object of online casino blackjack

By mr-casino on 2015-02-11 13:53:44

Blackjack at online casinos is one of the most frequent casino games played and the reason probably is that it is very simple to play, in fact many Irish casino players will recognise it from playing Pontoon in a social environment although the two casino games are in fact a little bit different from each other. The object of online casino blackjack is to beat the dealer and this fact is not always appreciated as many pundits describe the object of the game as getting as close as possible to 21 without going over 21 or busting. The difference between these two statements is that you win with any hand as long as the dealer busts provided of course that you are still in the game. What this means in practise is that if you are sitting on 16 most draw cards will cause you to bust and even an ace or deuce will only provide 17 or 18 so why bother drawing a card? There is nothing that says you have to. In online casino blackjack the dealer will draw cards until 17 or above is reached which means that in a number of cases the dealer will bust and if that happens and you are still in the game with 16 or even less you win. The secret therefore of online casino blackjack is to know or at least assess when the dealer will go bust. Clearly there is no certainty but the blackjack dealer always shows one card and 5 and 6 are generally recognised as weak cards meaning those cards which are most likely to cause a dealer bust situation. Blackjack at online casinos is a great game but remember what it is you are trying to do and you may find that you are winning more frequently.