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There are charges for online casino deposits by credit card

By mr-casino on 2013-03-03 17:02:51

If you are one of those people that automatically reaches for the credit card when ordering online then this article could be for you as it concerns using a Visa credit card for your online casino deposits and in short the answer is don’t. Using a visa for casino play is a very uneconomic way of making an online casino deposit but we are talking here about the Visa casino credit card and not the Visa Debit card which is a perfectly acceptable way of making an online casino deposit. The difference between the two casino deposit methods may seem small but whereas the Visa debit card is free from charges the visa credit card deposit method is not. It should be added that it is not the online casino that is making these charges but your visa credit card provider and there are two separate charges that will be levied before any money reaches your online casino account. Firstly the credit card company makes a charge which can be as much as 2% simply because you are paying into your online casino account which is gambling and any form of gambling attracts these charges. The second set of charges associated with the visa casino deposit method is that the cash is instantly available in your online casino account which means that it is in effect the same as making  a cash withdrawal from an ATM using your visa credit card and if you have ever done that you will know that whereas normally you have around one month free credit on a credit card, cash withdrawals start attracting interest from the day of the transaction so by the time that you credit card invoice comes in you have already incurred interest charges. When the margins of online casinos are so small you really should not start off a few percentage points in arrears simply because of the casino deposit method chosen, so don’t do it.