Casino and online casino list for Ireland

There are many games to play at an online casino

By mr-casino on 2019-06-18 10:07:33

Online casinos are both great fun and can be very lucrative with a bit of luck and luck is of course what is needed when playing many casino games. Unfortunately due to the lack of an actual casino Ireland has to make do with online casinos but in fact online casinos are in many ways better as they offer a better selection of casino games. Many Irish casino players stick to the traditional games of roulette and blackjack as they are the ones that people know and of course casino slots are always popular as they can be found in cars and clubs up and down the country. Those slot machines, however, are very simple compared to some of the casino slots available at an online casino. This is especially true when considering the progressive jackpot slots where jackpots regularly run into the millions of Euro.


The slots that are being talked about here are the likes of Mega Moolah™ and Mega Moolah Isis™ which are linked or Hall of Gods™. This last mentioned is from casino software provider NetEnt which has several online casino slots at most of the sites recommended by Do not think that these huge jackpots are never won. Very recently the jackpot at Mega Fortune™ which is also a NetEnt slot was won by a Swedish player and they scooped 27 million Krona (equivalent to around 2.5 million Euro). They were playing at an online casino called Hyper Casino which is run by the same people as No Bonus Casino, CasinoCasino, Fun Casino and Yako Casino and all of which carry the same Mega Fortune™ game. The jackpot there is a little diminished at the moment due to that win but others still have even larger jackpots that are available.


Not all Irish casino players are slots players as some prefer something with a bit more interaction such as roulette where the player has to select where to place their chips. This gives the feeling of achievement when hitting a win as it was the selection that was right. Blackjack is even more interactive as decisions must be made which can very much affect the result. Knowing when to draw cards or stand is very important when playing blackjack and it is not as straightforward as you might think. A recent movie called “Wild Card” illustrates this in emphatic manner when a player draws a card to 17 in the belief that the dealer is holding 20. He draws a 4 and wins but that is only in the movies.

Draw or Not?

Nobody in their right mind would draw a card to 17 even if the dealer is showing a ten card but there are other considerations. The online casino dealer has to follow a set play which says draw cards to 17 or above and then stand but the player has no such obligations and can stand on any number. Following the standard play, which the dealer has to, will result in the hand exceeding 21 on many occasions. If that is your hand then you lose but if it is the dealer hand then you win as long as you are still in the hand. You can be in the hand on any number at all. This means that if you have a number less than 17 but think that the dealer might bust you can stand on that number and wait and see what happens. The only clue is the single card that the dealer is showing and 5 or 6 are considered weak.

Other card games

There are several other card games which are less familiar to Irish casino players but which are available at online casinos and they include Caribbean Stud. Whilst this casino game has been available in American casinos for years it is online casinos that have brought it to Ireland. The full name of this game is Caribbean Stud Poker and the very mention of poker is enough to put many people off ever playing. In fact Caribbean Stud has very little to with the poker game which is seen on TV. That game is Texas Hold’em poker which involves a lot of raising the stakes and bluffing. This in turn will invariably result in a more experienced player beating a less experienced player. Caribbean Stud, however, is played against the dealer only and there is no raising or bluffing making it much simpler.

Dice games

Online casinos such as No Bonus Casino also offer a couple of dice games such as Craps. Craps again a casino game that has come across from America and is a very noisy game in land based casinos. This is due to the fact that the table is double ended which enables many people to play at the same time all standing up. The excitement usually stems from the fact that the turn is not settled on a single throw of the dice. It can require several throws to settle the bets with each throw raising the level of excitement. Craps can appear to be a little complicated as there are multiple bets which can be placed but the “Pass Line” bet or the “Don’t Pass Line” bet can get you started while you learn the rest. Those bets are placed at the start of a throw and are valid until won or lost.

Which casino?

That is a very good question and at it is recommended to choose one of the eight listed. All of those eight are correctly licensed by a recognised authority and they all use well respected casino software. These two factors are a prerequisite to safe online casino play. After that it becomes a question of personal preference of whether you enjoy the casino or not. If you are new to online casinos then a casino bonus might be attractive but read about those first. has written several articles about casino bonuses that will help. There is also No Bonus Casino that offers cash back if you lose which might be more interesting.