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There are many online casinos but is there a best casino

By mr-casino on 2018-04-12 13:23:10

There are so many online casinos available to the Irish casino player and one of the questions asked is which is the best casino but there really is no single answer to that question as so much depends on personal preference. There are however a number of online casinos which thinks might be worth consideration by Irish casino players as the best casino. There are 10 listed at the site which should be enough choice for everyone and each of them is described in full on the relevant pages but read further for a brief synopsis. Many online casinos look alike and have many if not all the same casino games which is a direct result of using the same casino software so even if you decide that you have a favourite casino slot, for example, there still remains a wide choice of which online casino to play at. There can however be other reasons why somebody considers a casino to the best casino and one of those reasons is how customers are treated. Large online casinos which are part of large online gambling groups can be quite impersonal, treating customers as just a number but the smaller specialist online casinos can often be much more friendly. There are of course online casino players who prefer to be just a number and want no contact with the casino at all but that option is always available at the smaller online casinos as well. Interestingly enough what are called small online casinos are only small because of their customer base and not because of their choice of casino games. As long as they use the same casino software, which many of them do, the choice of casino games will be the same. In fact many online casinos such as All Irish Casino actually use more than one casino software which means they could well have an even larger choice of casino games than some of the larger ones. has a preference for online casinos that use casino software from NetEnt for the simple reason that they offer some casinos slots which offer a little bit more entertainment such as Gonzo’s Quest™ or Jack Hammer™. These two casino slots do not use a regular five reel arrangement but instead have the normally visible fifteen symbols completely independent of each other which brings different options into play. For example when holding three symbols in a regular five reel game there are only two reels left to be re-spun but with independent symbols there are 12 symbols which can be replaced giving a much better chance of improving the original win. This on its own might be enough for someone to decide on his/her best casino. Many online casino players play purely for the fun and entertainment which it provides so their choice of best casino might be the one which provides more fun and the aptly named Fun Casino might be a good choice. Fun Casino has a serious side as well and they promote the fact that online casinos can only be fun if the gambling is kept under control. To this end they encourage players to set limits on their activity which can be things like maximum deposits in a given time frame, stake size or even length of time that can be played. The good thing about Fun Casino is that they do not stop at simply encouraging players to set their own limits as if players are unwilling to set limits then the standard casino limits will apply. This is only done to protect players but the players themselves now their own limits and should set them so that it remains fun. Another way in which Fun Casino keeps it fun is by a quick payment of winnings. Some online casinos make you wait days for a payout but Fun Casino believes that having won you will want your cash as soon as possible so that target 24 hours on working days.

Another thing which can attract new players is the casino bonus although does not believe that these new player bonuses should be a reason to think of a casino being the best casino. The problem with these new player bonuses are twofold, first they are only available to new players so it is basically a one off happening and secondly it can be very difficult to actually get your hands on the cash. This type of casino bonus is a deposit matching bonus whereby the online casino matches your first ever deposit into your account. Unfortunately this bonus money is not placed into your playing account but is separate and before it can reach your account it must be staked a large number of times on certain casino games. This is designed to give maximum opportunity for the casino to win back the cash before you can take it out. There is nothing inherently wrong with this arrangement as long as you are aware of the restrictions and the bonus does enable you to play for longer than would otherwise be the case but there are alternatives which could be more attractive and could be a reason to decide on a best casino.

For example No Bonus Casino offers cash back instead of a joining bonus and it is available to all players on every deposit made into their account. The offer is quite simple and says that if you make a deposit into your account today, play any of the casinos games and are unlucky enough to lose it all in the same day then 10% will suddenly find its way back into your account the very next day. This cash back is yours with no restrictions on what can be done with it. Another option might be at Freespins Casino where every deposit entitles the player to a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots. The exact number of free spins depends on the size of the deposit and the casino slot selected but it can be quite a large number. Again this is not a new player promotion as it is available to all players on every deposit.