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There are many options for transferring money into your online casino account

By mr-casino on 2011-01-13 11:21:20

Most of us, when making a purchase on the internet, just reach for the credit card but if you are depositing at an online casino to play your favourite casino table games that might not be the best option. There are of course multiple methods of depositing cash into your online casino account of which using a credit card is one of them and of course they are accepted by all online casinos although you may find American Express or Diners Club somewhat more limiting but you should also consider getting your money back out again and also the charges that a credit card will make or even the casino will make for using the credit card at the casino. If you went to land based casino and used your credit card to obtain cash you would expect to have to pay interest and an online casino is no different; funding your online casino with credit cards will attract interest charges from the day of the transaction. It is unusual for the online casino itself to make a charge for depositing with a credit card but some do so check the banking pages of the casino you are playing before using this deposit method. However, most banks or credit card companies will make a charge of up to 2% for funding any gambling activity which is in our opinion totally unjustified but is nevertheless applied.

If you want to avoid these credit card casino charges, use another deposit method such as an e-wallet account; our casino deposit options page outlines several methods..