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There are many table games at every online casino

By mr-casino on 2017-02-16 10:01:03

Although many players at online casinos play casino slots where there is what appears to be a huge variety there are really only two types which are three reel slots and five reel slots. Of course there are some different features such as free spins and wilds and bonus symbols and then there are those that have fifteen independent symbols instead of regular reels such as Jack Hammer™ or Gonzo’s Quest™ but the major differences is in the theme of the casino itself. There are indeed often hundreds of different slots but the greatest variety of games at an online casino can be found in the table games section. There is no accurate definition of a casino table game and online casinos seem to have their own definitions of what they include but any casino games that requires a special table at which to play such as roulette or craps are certain to be there. Also card games which have a table where there are specific places to place bets will be included. This includes even simple games such as Blackjack which many people have played at home without having any special table as well as games such as Baccarat or Caribbean Stud which are less well known.

Probably the most played of all table games is roulette for the simple reason that most Irish casino players understand it and even if you don’t it will not take long. Some people will worry initially that they do not know where to place a bet other than on a single number or on red/black or odd/even but in truth the casino software will not allow you to place a bet in the wrong place so there is nothing to fear. It is also a myth upheld by some roulette players that there are some bets which are better than others. One of those popular myths is that it is better to place single bets on each of two adjacent numbers rather than on the split (the line between the two numbers). In actual fact placing one chip on each of the two numbers gives exactly the same result as placing two chips on the split between the two. Either way a winning number will result in you having 36 chips. Another myth is that previous numbers have an influence on the next number to fall. If this was really helpful the online casinos would not list the previous 10 or 12 numbers. It is of course true that as long as the random number generator is random then over time every number will drop the same number of times but the problem there is the expression “over time”. For the mathematicians out there this number is infinite so even if you play for hours on end this will not be the case. The same applies to red and black numbers; after a long sequence of red numbers there will eventually be a black number but who is to say what eventually means. Is that after 12 red numbers or 16 rd numbers or what?

The next most popular of the table games at online casinos and certainly the most popular of the card games is blackjack and again this is probably due to many people having played it at home although that is likely to have been called pontoon. At online casinos pontoon and blackjack are different table games; the major difference being that a tie in blackjack is a push and your stake is returned whereas in pontoon a tie is a dealer win. This is obviously an important difference. Whilst practically everybody knows how to play blackjack there is an important difference in the interpretation of the object of the game. Even at some online casinos it is stated that the object of blackjack is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over 21 which is called going bust but in the opinion of the object is simply to beat the dealer. This is an important difference as the only real advantage the casino has is that you play first and if you bust you have lost regardless of what happens or might have happened to the dealer. A strategy of getting as close as possible to 21 can for example result in a player drawing a card on a total of 15 or 16 when this might be the wrong thing to do when the chances of busting are high. Always remember that the dealer will go bust as many times as he player and the secret to winning is to still be in the hand when that happens. You can never be certain when the dealer will go bust but a clue can be the one card of the dealer that is showing. A 5 or a 6 showing definitely increases the chances of the dealer busting so proceed with caution and try not to bust when this is the case. If the dealer busts you will win regardless of what you have in your hand; even with 12 you still win.

Of the more unusual casino table games Baccarat is probably the most odd and despite the reputation it has of being a sophisticated game for high rollers it is in fact one of the simplest to play and most online casinos allow play for very small stakes although playing at the live casino option may require a higher minimum stake. In baccarat there are only two hands dealt and there are only three possible outcomes which are for either hand to win or for it to be tie. The hands are often called the player and the bank but as you can bet on either hand to win it is quite irrelevant. When playing baccarat you are in fact not even playing a hand as the dealer plays both hands. This seems very strange at first but there are very strict rules about playing a hand so the dealer simply follows the rules with no possible discretion. The counting of the cards in the hand to determine the value can also be a bit confusing but it is quickly learned.