Casino and online casino list for Ireland

There are many unusual online casino games available

By mr-casino on 2014-02-24 17:56:53

Most Irish online casino players tend to stick to the casino games that they know well such as roulette and blackjack or they come into the category of online slots players where the choice is very large indeed but there are so many other casino games available which can provide enjoyment. If you like card games at an online casino then maybe Caribbean Stud is something you might want to try; this is a very simple game and is available at all online casinos and although it is called a poker game there are no other players involved so you cannot lose more than your stake. Another alternative which is also available to be played at the live casino option at most online casinos is Baccarat. There is a bit of a mystery surrounding baccarat but in actual fact the casino game of baccarat is very easy to play as there are only three possible bets; the counting of the hand and card values is a bit complicated but can be quickly mastered and anyway the dealer plays all the cards according to very strict rules so if you are a pure gambler you do not actually have to understand what is going on. Dice games are also very popular and in particular online Craps seems to be one of the favourites. Online craps can be as simple or as complicated as you like but to help you understand the game there is a page about it here at Online casinos also provide casino games in what can be called a leisure section where you can find all sorts of TV oriented games such as Deal or No Deal or simple old games such as Rock Paper Scissors or even Heads or Tails. If it is a game which can be gambled on you can be sure to find it somewhere at an online casino.