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There are plenty of casino deposit options available

By mr-casino on 2016-09-01 13:46:48

Sooner or later when you sign up for an online casino account you will have to decide which of the many casino deposit options you intend to use to fund your account. You can change your mind at any time after you have created an account but you will need to select one to start with. The easiest casino deposit method of them all is simply to reach for your credit card as you might do for any other internet transaction however there are some hidden charges associated with that. Online casinos are not popular with banks and credit card issuers and not for that matter is any other form of gambling so reasons known only to themselves they will make a charge for using the card for that purpose. This charge varies from credit card to credit card and can be up to 2% which is quite a considerable chunk of the transaction. You can find the detail in the small print of your credit card agreement. Unfortunately this is not the end of the story. When you use a credit card for online casino deposits the cash is available instantly in your casino account which is good from one point of view as you can then play the casino games immediately but there is also a downside. As the cash is available instantly it is treated in the same way as a cash withdrawal from an ATM. Most people do not use their credit card for cash withdrawals for the very simple reason that interest is accrued from the day of the transaction and interest on credit cards is absurdly high. Even if you are one of the good guys who pay off their credit cards every month these interest charges will still appear. The same is true therefore for online casino deposits using a credit card.

Fortunately there are other casino deposit options you can use. Debit cards for example are a much better method which for Irish casino players means either Visa or MasterCard. Our own version, the Laser card was of course abandoned some time ago. Debit card casino deposits carry no charges from either the card issuer or the online casino and are considered therefore a better casino deposit option than the aforementioned credit card. You will of course need to have money in your bank account in order to use a debit card but as with any form of gambling it cannot be recommended to play with money that you do not have in any case. Every online casino lists both of these debit cards amongst the deposit options available.

Some Irish casino players are reluctant to give details of their debit cards to online casinos regardless of how secure the encryption systems are claimed to be. In fact online casinos probably have better security systems in place than do many other online companies as the temptation for fraud is much greater. Online casinos listed on the site have excellent encryption systems and as far as we know there have never been any issues but that will not stop nervousness by some players. For those players there is another option and that is to use one of the many e-wallets which are available. The e-wallet original is of course PayPal that was brought in to cater for the payments on e-Bay some years ago. Internet shopping was a new phenomenon but as people were trading with each other and no individuals have the capability to accept payment by credit or debit card so another system had to be devised. PayPal enabled anybody to have an account from which they could sell or buy products on e-Bay without ever disclosing their personal details to the buyer or seller. You could also either fund your account by individual payments or you could arrange for PayPal to debit your bank account directly. It was not long before other internet retailers cottoned on and started accepting PayPal and that included online casinos. There are charges associated with using PayPal and it is that which attracted others into the online payment systems market so that today there are quite a number of choices. Today the most popular companies tend to be Skrill which used to be MoneyBookers and Neteller. PayPal is less popular for online casinos due to the charges which the online casino has to pay.

Yet another alternative in the range of casino deposit options is the Paysafe card. This is another good method for those wishing to protect their data but it is not available as a deposit method at all online casinos. All Irish casino and Ladbrokes casino definitely list it as a payment method but Paddy Power Casino do not seem to. Paddy Power casino however has the option of paying cash over the counter at one of their many shops in Ireland as does Ladbrokes casino. This payment can be credited to your online casino account straight away. The Paysafe is similarly a cash transaction which involves you buying a card or loading a card at any of the outlets where they are for sale and you can then use that for any internet transaction including online casinos. There is a monthly charge for using the card although they often have promotions which negate these charges for the first 12 months. The Paysafe card is quite a good method for casino deposits.

Whichever of the casino deposit options you choose to use be sure to check on the banking pages of your chosen online casino for charges which they make for deposits and withdrawals. Most will not make any charges and neither should they but it is worth checking. The other thing to check is the length of time which it takes to get any winnings that you wish to withdraw which will be written down in the terms and conditions. Smaller online casinos such as All Irish Casino are often faster to give you your money back that others so it is worth checking.