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There are several casino deposit options available

By mr-casino on 2017-01-23 14:56:50

In order to play at an online casino you will need to deposit money into the account that you have created and the question will be asked about how you wish to do this as there are a number of casino deposit options available. Depositing into an online casino is not quite as simple as regular online shopping where most people will simply reach for a credit card and be done with it or possibly use one of the several e-wallets which are available such as PayPal. Whichever casino deposit option you use will result in the money being available in your online casino account pretty much straightaway but the catch can come later as with credit cards for example there are charges which you may not be aware of. For reasons known only to the credit card issuer they have something against gambling so whereas no charges are involved in regular online shopping when it comes to using your credit card for online gambling they will charge you anything up to around 2% for the privilege. This charge is of course mentioned in the terms and conditions of the credit card but most normal folk do not read that kind if detail. That is also not the end of the story as because the cash is available in your online casino account immediately it is considered to be a cash advance in the same way as if you had used your credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM. If you have ever done that either deliberately or accidentally used the wrong card you will have noticed that when the statement comes in there are interest charges from the day of the transaction. Even if you are in the excellent habit of clearing your credit card every month these interest charges will still be there and credit cards are not known as having the cheapest rates on the market.

It would seem then that not all casino deposit options are equal. Using an e-wallet is definitely one of the better casino deposit methods and which one you use does not really make that much difference as long as the online casino you have chosen accepts the one you want to use. Not all online casinos accept all the e-wallet types and for example PayPal is one that is not accepted everywhere but there is plenty of choice so it should not an issue and anyway it is very easy to open another e-wallet account. Another advantage can be that the online casino has no knowledge of your bank account details if you use an e-wallet as all you need to make a deposit is your account name or number and your password. Giving your bank details to an online casino should not an issue as long as you use a reputable one such as any of those which are listed here at which have excellent encryption systems to prevent theft but some people nevertheless prefer not to. Whichever of the casino deposit options you choose to use you should also check on the casino banking page how long it will take to get your money back out again which is especially important after winning. All online casinos will only refund cash using the same method as the deposit was made in the first place and different online casinos and different deposit methods have different time fames so if it is an important issue check it out before choosing the deposit method. All Irish Casino seems to be one of the fastest at returning money to their players.

Credit card casino deposits are still very popular despite the charges which are outlined above so presumably those people consider the convenience outweighs the costs or maybe they consider the costs an insignificant part of the whole experience which if you win large amounts it probably is but as there are other casino deposit options which in the opinion of are better it does seem strange. One casino deposit option that has not yet been mentioned is the use of a debit card and this again is a very satisfactory method as there are no charges and the money is available in your account immediately. To use a debit card you do need to have the money in your bank account but as you should never gamble with cash which you do not have that is not a big deal. You will however need to register that debit card with the online casino and that does of course carry details of your bank account so again make sure you are using a properly licensed and operated online casino and if you are in any doubt then simply select from the recommended list at

Another rather unusual deposit option is to use cash. This may sound rather strange that you can use cash for an online transaction but it is possible at those bookmakers that have shops on the high street and online casinos. You still have to create your account online and register a casino deposit option but after that you should be able to walk into a shop and make a cash deposit over the counter for the benefit of your online account. You may need to set this up with the high street shop the first time you do it but after that you can make deposits and withdrawals at will. Paddy Power Casino and Ladbrokes Casino are a couple of those where Irish casino players can use this method. If you change your mind at any time about the casino deposit option that you have chosen it is always possible to change it at a later date by going to the banking page of the casino. Remember also that cards have an expiry date so if you get a new card it may be necessary to reregister that card with the casino. This is not always the case but there is nothing worse than having your card refused.