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There are several online casino poker games

By mr-casino on 2014-08-15 10:40:23

The very thought of playing poker frightens some Irish casino players and it is generally the thought of sitting at a table where there are better players with deeper pockets who place large stakes to bluff you out of a hand but there are other poker games at online casinos where this does not happen and one of those is known as let it ride poker or simply let it ride. The good thing about the casino game of let it ride is that the stakes are fixed so you cannot lose more than you bet on the hand but you can win more as higher hands are paid out at higher odds. Let it ride at an online casino is played against the house and the idea is to form a poker hand of a pair of tens or better and if you do then you win but if you don’t you lose but there are some added twists. To start with you must place three identical bets in let it ride so if you want to play for €10 you must place €30 of bets at the beginning but you can later remove two of the three bets if you do not like your cards. Online casino let it ride starts after the bets have been placed and the five cards are dealt but only three of which are face up. This is your first chance to remove one of your bets if you so wish or you can let them ride which is where the name of the game comes from. You may of course already have a hand of a pair of tens or better in which case the decision becomes very easy but otherwise you must assess your chances that the next two cards will give you a winning hand. Having made that decision a fourth card is revealed and the process of removal of a bet is repeated but whether you remove the second bet or not is totally independent from what you did with the first bet.