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There are some great card and dice games at an online casino

By mr-casino on 2018-09-15 11:56:24

All Irish casino players love to play casino slots where the rewards can far outweigh the stakes but there are also a great many that prefer to stick to table games where wins are much smaller but happen far more frequently. The most popular table games at any online casino are Roulette and Blackjack but there are other interesting card games such as Baccarat or Caribbean Stud and of course dice games such as Craps. Roulette and Blackjack are popular because nearly everybody knows how to play and even if you don’t they are very easy to learn but actually nothing can be easier than Baccarat as all you need to do is place your bet and there are only three possible bets to choose from. Baccarat is one of those casino games which many people shy away from because they do not understand it plus it has a sort of mystery surrounding it and a reputation of being for high rollers only. Online casinos have brought Baccarat into the mainstream and it is certainly not exclusively for high rollers as anybody can play for very small stakes. There are only two hands dealt in Baccarat and the three possible bets are for either hand to win or for the result to be a tie. The hands a recalled the banker and the player but as you can bet on either they could be called anything. The only thing to remember is that the “banker” hand is more likely to win than the “player” hand so to compensate there is a deduction of 5% on all banker wins. A tie pays at 9:1.

The very unusual thing about Baccarat is that the dealer plays both hands so even though you are betting on the outcome you have no influence over it. This is not as bad as it sounds as the dealer has to follow strict rules for when to draw a card and when not to in a similar way to the dealer in Blackjack. It could not be simpler to play as all the player has to do is choose one of the three bets and wait to see what happens. Baccarat can also be found at the live casino option of most online casinos although it is sometimes called Punto Banco but it is exactly the same game. Following Baccarat can be a bit difficult until the counting of the cards is understood but even that is not as complicated as it seems at first. What throws people in the beginning is that when the total of the cards goes over 10 then 10 is deducted so 12 for example becomes 2 and 15 becomes 5. That is really all there is to it.

Blackjack was mentioned earlier as being a popular casino game because everybody knows how to play but there are tricks which could help and increase your chances of winning. The problem with Blackjack begins right at the definition of the game which in some circles is stated as getting as close as possible to 21 without exceeding it. would argue that the true idea of the game is to beat the dealer and that can be done without getting anywhere near 21. Considering that at all online casinos offering blackjack there is an equal chance of the dealer or the player having the higher hand and that in the event of a tie stakes are returned you might wonder what the house edge is and the answer is simply that the player plays first. Even playing the same way as the dealer which is to draw cards to 17 and to stand on 17 or above there is a very good chance that the hand will exceed 21. Think about this. If the dealer has 16 in their hand then every card above a 5 will cause the hand to bust which means 8 out of the thirteen cards will cause the hand to bust. The problem, as a player, is that if you exceed 21 you bust and lose regardless of what happens or might have happened to the dealer hand. They might bust as well but it is too late for the player. The trick then is to still be in the hand when this happens. The dealer has to draw cards to 17 but the player has no such obligation and can therefore stand on any number if they think that the dealer might bust and of course they win if this happens. There is of course no sure fire way of knowing when the dealer hand will exceed 21 but the dealer at online casino blackjack always has one card showing and if that is a 5 or a 6 that increases the chances of busting are higher than otherwise. If you have a weak hand, say 15 or 16, then take into account what the dealer is showing; it might just be worthwhile sticking around to see what happens.

In Roulette there are no such tactics to be employed which is probably what makes it one of the best and most popular casino games around. Do not be fooled into thinking that what has gone before has any influence on what might come next. The online casinos are very keen to show numbers that have gone before so believe us when we say that if that was at all useful information it would not be given. Each spin of the roulette wheel is as random as the one before or the one after. Placing bets at Roulette is also very easy and the range of bets is large. You can place bets on single numbers, pairs of numbers, rows of numbers, four adjacent numbers, columns of numbers, red numbers, black numbers, odd numbers, even numbers top, bottom or middle groups of 12 numbers and any combination of all of them. It makes no difference which of the bets is selected as the good thing about roulette is that the odds paid on a win are directly proportionate to the number of numbers covered by that bet. The best way to play Roulette is probably just spread your bets around and hope to be lucky.