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There are two visa casino deposit methods

By mr-casino on 2015-12-18 14:21:54

Every day there are people looking at joining one of the online casinos that are available for the fun and enjoyment that they can provide and for Irish casino players there are sites such as this one which will offer free of charge advice about choosing an online casino which is known to be safe and offer fair casino games but every new player has to decide how to make a deposit into their casino account in order to start playing. Reaching for the credit card such as Visa might seem an obvious solution but Visa casino deposits can be an expensive option. There are of course two types of Visa being the credit card and the debit card and they are treated quite differently for online casino deposits. The online casinos themselves are not the ones who differentiate as using either casino deposit method will result in the cash being available in your account immediately but the costs from the card issuer can be quite different. The real problem is with Visa credit card casino deposits and for some reason credit cards do not like gambling of any sort which of course includes online casinos. In the small print of your agreement you probably will find a specific reference to charges made when using the card for gambling purposes and that can be anything up to 2% of the amount and if that is not bad enough they will also charge charging interest from the day of your casino deposit so even if you are in the habit of paying off your card every month you will still see interest charges. The visa debit card however has no such charges even for online casino deposits. The answer therefore is by all means make a visa casino deposit but use the debit card and not the credit card option