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There is a huge variety of casino table games available

By mr-casino on 2016-06-21 09:12:48

On the portal web site which you are currently visiting there is a tab called table games which describes some of more popular casino games. The term table games is rather vague and is intended to include all those casino games which require some form of special table in order to play but it includes card games such as Blackjack which we all know can be played anywhere. At online casinos however there is a special layout of the table which makes sure that the bets are placed correctly which brings blackjack into the table games category. In fact, about the only casino games that are not included in online casino table games are casino slots. The common table games are of course roulette and blackjack both of which have a huge following and both of which are extremely simple to play. Roulette in particular has gained popularity as a game for Irish casino players who like to play casino games where the outcome is a question of pure chance or in other words where there is no skill involved. There are also many ways to place bets when you play roulette ranging from high risk, high reward bets on single numbers to low risk low reward bets on black/red or odd/even or anything in between. For example a bet on a single number pays out at odds of 35 to 1 whereas a bet on red or black only pas even money. You can of course increase your winning chances by betting on several single numbers at the same time which reduces your winnings as well. Say you bet on six numbers and one of them wins then you end up with 36 chips but you staked 6 chips to start with so your bets have returned at 6 to 1. There is no need to worry about this sort of mathematics when playing at an online casino as roulette is such that there are no good or bad bets and all odds are directly proportional to the quantity of numbers backed. Blackjack on the other hand requires a little more attention as a casino table game. Blackjack is played against the dealer only and as a tie is considered a push as stakes are returned the only advantage the dealer has is that you as a casino player plays first and if you bust (go over 21) then you lose regardless of the fact that the dealer might also have bust. One of the secrets of playing blackjack therefore is to be in the game when the dealer busts as you will then win regardless of what you have in your own hand. This sounds easy but of course it is not so simple as the only clue you have is the one card of the dealer which is exposed. The blackjack dealer must draw to 17 therefore a 5 or a 6 showing is considered a weak card as the dealer will always have to draw a card and there is a good chance that they will bust. Watch out for this when playing blackjack especially if you have a weak hand such as 15 or 16 yourself. It may be worth just sticking around to see what happens rather than risking drawing a card.

Other great table games at online casinos include the likes of Caribbean Stud Poker which unfortunately frightens some Irish casino players away because it is called poker and conjures up thoughts of losing all your stash to a better player in a single hand or being bluffed out of a game by someone with deeper pockets. Caribbean stud however is much simpler and is a game played against the dealer only and there is no bluffing and the player sets the stakes at the start of the hand. The stakes can be raised but only by the player and not by the dealer. The only real similarity with the TV game of Texas Hold’em is the fact the idea is to form a five card poker hand and in the case of Caribbean Stud all you need is a better hand than the dealer. At the start of the hand you must place an ante bet which you will lose if you decide to fold straight away but if you do not fold them you must raise with a bet which is twice the ante bet so bear this in mind when determining the size of your ante bet. The dealer must also have a “qualifying” hand which is generally an Ace/King or better for your raise bet to be valid and if this is not the case then your raise bet is returned but your ante bet is paid at even money even if you yourself do not have a hand better than the dealer. Caribbean stud has little in common with Texas Hold’em poker and is a table game which is well worth a try.

There is huge variety of online casino table games with some being more popular than others but it is worth looking around at some of the less well known as they can also be great entertainment. Take for example Red Dog which some Irish casino players may have played in their youth under the name of “in between”. This has got to be the simplest of all casino table games and it use a single deck of cards of which two are dealt to the player. The idea is then simply to bet whether the next card dealt will be in between the first two in value with Ace being high and 2 being the lowest card. Bear in mind however that even an Ace and a 2 are not guaranteed to win as third card must fall between the other two and not be equal to ether of them. Two cards in sequence cannot win and therefore the stake is returned but if you are dealt a pair then a third card is automatically dealt which if resulting in three of a kind pays out at 11 to 1 and if not then your stake is returned anyway. Red Dog is a very fast table game which could not be easier to play.