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There is a wide choice of online casino table games

By mr-casino on 2019-03-26 15:57:01

Online casino players seem to fall into two categories of game play. There are casino slots players and there are casino table games players and although there are those that play both they are definitely in the minority. Table games players often confine themselves to one of two games which are roulette and blackjack although there are plenty of others available. The roulette players are those that rely on pure luck whilst the blackjack players believe they can beat the house by playing a canny game and there is certainly an element of truth in that. Table games are probably the online casino games with the smallest house margin which means the most likely for a player to win. Casino slots also provide a good chance of winning but as it is possible to have very large wins indeed that does mean that those players who do not hit those large wins have a lesser chance. The big difference between table games at online casinos and casino slots is the possibility of big wins with small stakes. For example when playing roulette the maximum odds are 35:1 and that is for a single number but most Irish casino players will never play just one single number preferring instead to spread the chips around on a selection of numbers or combinations so the 35:1 is instantly reduced.

The good thing about roulette is that there is no strategy and previous numbers have no influence on future numbers or as they say in the financial world “past performance is no guarantee of future performance”. The only way to play roulette therefore is to spread your chips around and hope for the best. Blackjack on the other hand has a maximum payout of 3:2 and that is for a blackjack (21 in two cards). This means that in order to win big money the stakes must be correspondingly large. The upside of blackjack however is that it is the online casino game with the best chance of winning as the house margin is very small. When you think about it is two hands against each other and in the event of a tie it is known as a push and you get your money back. Even if you are playing multi handed blackjack each hand is played individually so it is still one on one. In these circumstances it is just as likely that the player will win as that the dealer will win so why is it that the house often wins? The answer lies in the fact that the player plays first and if they bust they lose regardless of what happens or might have happened to the dealer cards. It is a known fact that even playing the “perfect strategy” of drawing cards to 17 or above and standing on 17 or above there is a good chance that 21 will be exceeded. Play free casino and see for yourself but 30 to 40% of the time is quite common. This means that if you follow this strategy you ar going to go over 21 a high percentage of times and therefore lose automatically.

A better strategy for blackjack online casino players is to take note of which card the dealer is showing and adjust your play accordingly. You are trying here to assess whether the dealer is likely to exceed 21 or not. For example a 6 is a weak card as there are at least two cards that need to be drawn before 17 can be reached and those two cards only need to exceed 16 together for the hand to bust. If you are still in the game at this point you win. Remember that the dealer has to draw cards to 17 but the player does not need to. The player can stand on any number. It is this sort of strategy that helps players of blackjack at online casinos turn a profit although as stated before to make large amounts playing blackjack you need to be risking large amounts so if it goes wrong, which it can do as there is still a large slice of luck involved, you may lose heavily so always play within your means.

Online casinos have loads of other casino table games which are well worth a look at for a change. For example try your luck at Baccarat. This is little bit weird to start with as the dealer plays both hands that are dealt and the counting of the card values seems confusing but in fact it is probably the simplest game of all to play. There are only two hands dealt which are called the player and the bank but the good thing is that you can bet on either. There are only three possible outcomes and that is for either hand to win or for the result to be a tie but you can place a bet on that outcome as well. Don’t worry about the fact that the dealer plays both hands as there is no discretion at all in the way the hand is played. Once you have played a few hands you will soon realise what is going on and it is most entertaining. Caribbean Stud is also an interesting casino game and although the full title is Caribbean Stud Poker it has very little to do with the televised poker games where players lose a lot of cash in a single hand. In Caribbean Stud the player sets the stake and there is no raising or bluffing so it is just your hand against the dealer. Be aware when placing your ante bet that if you choose to play you are required to triple the ante bet so make sure the ante bet is within what you want to stake.

The choice of table games at online casinos is endless with so many variations that there is bound to be something you like. Take a look around the online casino of your choice and find a dice game or card game that you like.