Casino and online casino list for Ireland

There is an internet casino boom in Ireland

By mr-casino on 2019-02-18 16:47:36

There is definitely an internet casino boom going on with more and more people signing up every day ad for Irish casino players this is even more understandable than those from the UK or any other country where brick and mortar casinos are available. Even if you have a local casino in your town or city, which the Irish don’t, there is still every reason to go online. Convenience is the reason most quoted as players can settle down behind their home computer and play casino games without worrying about how they are dressed or what other people think about their playing methods. It is also very much a question of time as players going to a land based casino are not going to play for 10 or 15 minutes to see whether their luck is in or not. Online casinos, however, are often used in this way especially since they are available on all kinds of mobile devices meaning that it is possible to play a few casino games whilst on a lunch break or on a bus or a train. There is another very good reason to play at an online casino rather than an actual casino and that is the number and variety of casino games which online casinos offer.

Every casino, online or land based, has the popular games such as roulette and blackjack sometimes supplemented by other table games such as Baccarat or Caribbean Stud but where online casinos really hold the upper hand is in the area of casino slots. Land based casinos often have casino slots but generally only in restricted numbers and in fact the UK has regulations limiting the number of casino slots a casino can have. An exception to this can be found at places such as Las Vegas where casino slots are literally everywhere. An online casino, however, is likely to have at least a hundred casino slots and possibly even more depending on the casino software in use. To explain this further, if an online casino uses a single casino software supplier they are likely to have fewer casino slots than online casinos that use multiple casino software providers together on the same site. Many of the online casinos on the recommended list at use multiple sources of casino software which can provide a choice of 3 or 4 hundred casino slots. There are far more online casinos than there are casino software suppliers which means that different online casinos are likely to use the same casino software which in turn means that the same casino games will turn up in more than one place. This is not a bad thing and in fact is sometimes advantageous to the casino player as it forces online casinos to be more competitive with each other in other areas to attract players. Another area where it is an advantage to have several online casinos carry the same casino slot is if that slot is a progressive jackpot slot. This type of casino slot is well known for having extremely large jackpots frequently running into the millions of Euro.

These jackpots are achieved by every single spin contributing a small amount to the jackpot so the more spins, the quicker the jackpot builds and the more online casinos that carry the slot the more spins there are going to be. Clearly when several online casinos are carrying the same game no individual casino can be responsible for monitoring and paying out the jackpot so it is the casino software company which takes on the administration of the jackpot pool. This also in part explains why an online casino is very pleased when one if its players hits a large jackpot as they can gain a lot of publicity and hopefully gain new players on the back of it  but it costs them nothing extra to pay out the cash. This only applies to the massive progressive jackpots, however, and there are plenty of casino slots which have jackpots that are not controlled by the casino software company but that is the risk of operating an internet casino. Returning to the issue of online casinos needing to find something different to attract new players, has a good one. Most online casinos are very good at offering a special bonus for new players to join them and this is often in the form of a deposit matching offer where the online casino will match a new players first ever deposit into their casino account. This is normally 100% but can also extend to second or third deposits but possibly at a lower percentage. This type of casino bonus is well and good but all is not as it might seem. The bonus money which is allocated cannot be withdrawn until certain conditions have been met and those conditions generally mean having to stake the money up to 40 times on certain casino games. Obviously the more times a player is forced to stake the money the less likely they are to end up in profit. No Bonus Casino has taken an entirely different approach and instead of offering casino bonuses has decided to give players cash back if they lose. This might sound strange but it is true and it works very simply. If any player makes a deposit into their online casino account on a single day and manages to lose the whole of that deposit on the same day then 10% will be refunded the very next day. Interestingly there are no real catches to this offer. You can play any casino game you like in the process of losing and the cash which is returned is not placed into any sort of special account making it inaccessible, it is laced directly into the players playing account which means it is immediately their cash to do with as they wish. This is also not an offer for new players only as it is available to all players on every deposit they make.