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Think about how to fund your online casino

By mr-casino on 2011-06-02 08:22:02

At we spend a lot of time and effort to guide you around the various online casinos and the games that are offered but equally important is to think about how you intend to deposit and withdraw funds from your chosen online casino. There are many methods from which to choose to gain access to your favourite table games but a credit card casino is by far the most popular. Funding a casino with a credit card is without doubt easy and most Irish people have a credit card and use it for online transactions all the time but where online casinos are concerned a credit card might not be the possible answer. The main reason we say this is because using a credit card at an online casino will incur charges, at least one and possibly two which will reduce the available cash available to play table games. Online casinos state that the cash from a credit card deposit will be available instantly in your casino account but the downside of this is that the issuer of the credit card will treat this in the same way as a cash withdrawal from an ATM which means that you will start paying interest from the day of the transaction regardless of whether you pay off your card in full at the end of the month or not. Notwithstanding this, banks who issue credit cards do not seem to like online casinos or in fact any form of gambling and most will therefore make a separate charge to our account if you fund your online casino with a credit card. By all means use your credit card for online casino gambling but check with the issuer before using it and ask them if they make a charge, if they do there are other methods such as an e-wallet that you can use and then fund your e-wallet account by credit card..