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Think twice before making your online casino deposit with visa

By mr-casino on 2011-08-21 08:57:19

Here at we are sure that most Irish online casino players possess a credit card and visa is one of the most popular but if you make a casino deposit using visa it might not be the best move you have ever made. There are many online casino deposit options and visa casino is just one of them but not all are equal in terms of cost or indeed the length of time that it takes to have the money available in your account or available to you when you withdraw your winnings. There are of course two types of visa for casino, one is the visa credit card and the other is the visa debit card and indeed these are also not alike; a visa casino debit card is unlikely to be subject to charges but a visa credit card used for an online casino will almost certainly be subject to charges. hastens to add that the charges we are talking about here do not come from the online casino but from your card provider which is generally your bank and for reasons known only to themselves they will make a charge often as much as 2% on any transaction associated with gambling such as an online casino; they will even extend this charge to the football pools. The online casino will also credit your deposit by visa to your account immediately which is good but the downside is with your bank who will construe this as a cash withdrawal on your credit card and start charging interest from the day of the casino deposit. By the time that the transaction is completed you could have been subject to some 3% in charges which is about the same as the house edge on some casino games. There are better alternatives than a visa credit card casino deposit so although it may be convenient have a look at some of the alternatives..