Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Treat your online casino play as entertainment

By mr-casino on 2012-08-13 12:32:30

One of the most popular questions we get is how to win at an online casino but believe us when we say that if we could guarantee winning we would not be sharing it with you the reader or anybody else as all of us here at would be busy making money playing at online casinos. All online casino games have an edge in favour of the casino; some of the margins are small on games such as roulette or blackjack and others are slightly larger such as online slots (although we should add that generally speaking the odds of winning at online slots are better than you will find on slots in your local casino or bookmaker) but that does not mean that you will always lose. By far the best way to approach online casinos is to treat it as a form of entertainment and as with most other forms of entertainment, the chances are that it will cost you money but there is always going to be the day when you win and if you are playing online slots you can win really big sums of money. The best advice from is to play at an online casino which is trustworthy and provides honest casino games so at least your chances are the best they can be and here at we list a number of online casinos that we know satisfy those criteria and where you can play safely but you should also play within your means; after all you would not go to a Michelin starred restaurant and expect a meal for €10 so play for stakes within your own budget. This is of course an advantage of online casinos as you really can play for very small stakes unlike a land based casino where there are often minimum stakes..