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Try live casino as an alternative to regular online casino play

By mr-casino on 2018-07-01 09:29:10

Many people enjoy playing at their online casino and most have at least one favourite casino game but just occasionally they might look for something else and one of the possibilities for that can be found at the live casino option. There are fewer casino games available at the live casino option and the main games played are roulette and blackjack. Games such as Baccarat, Casino Hold’em or Caribbean Stud can also be found. If you are exclusively a casino slots player then live casino will be no good to you as casino slots are not available. The games played at the live casino are exactly the same as those found at the regular online casino but the difference is in the way in which the next card or number is selected. All regular online casinos use what is known as a Random Number Generator or RNG for short which is basically a computer which generates numbers at random within the parameters which it has been given. For example the RNG for a roulette game chooses numbers from 0 to 36. RNGs have been in existence for many years and are very reliable in the randomness of their selection but this does not stop good online casinos from making sure the results are random by having checks made by external bodies. Live casino, on the other hand, uses an actual deck of cards or an actual roulette wheel with a dealer.

The randomness of the live casino results depends on how well the cards are shuffled or how good the roulette wheel is but in theory there should be no difference between the results of the two methods. There are Irish casino players, however, who still believe that an RNG can be rigged and therefore prefer the live casino option but who is to say that the dealers in the live casino cannot make adjustments to the results. The truth is that neither of these happens as the online casino has no need to make it happen in order to make a profit. Every casino games has a house edge to it which means as long as there are enough players the casino will eventually make a profit. This should not be interpreted as meaning that the house will win every time with every player and in fact many players regularly come out on top when playing at their online casino. Over time however there will be more lost than there is won which is the inevitable result of house margins. To understand house margins better, take a look at roulette which is one of the simpler casino games at online casinos. There are 37 possible outcomes for where the ball will land (numbers 1 through 36 plus the zero) but the odds on a single number win are 35:1 plus you get your stake back so if you backed every number with one chip meaning that you always get a winner it would cost you 37 chips but the win would only give you 36 chips in return.

Even if you took the alternative route of backing both black and red which pay even money you would still end up losing when the zero comes up as that is neither red nor black. The house margins on roulette are very small which makes it a good game for Irish casino players as that means that the chances of winning are good but with enough players playing for long enough the house will win. Blackjack is another casino game with a very low house edge. In theory either the player or the dealer has an equal chance of getting the better hand and in the case of a tie your stake is returned so the house edge has to be somewhere different and it is. The house edge in blackjack is simply that the player always plays first and if they bust they lose. The dealer might also bust later in the hand for other players but that does not make it a tie. The player has already lost. Again blackjack is a low margin casino game for the online casino and therefore good for the punter.

The live casinos are, of course, not actual casinos where there are lots of people playing and there is a buzz about the place. They are only a room somewhere which has been equipped with the necessary tables and roulette wheels and the cameras which are used to stream the pictures to your device. There may be other players online at the same time as you but you cannot see what they are doing and they cannot see what you are doing plus there is little or no atmosphere. There is usually a chat option if you feel the need to have a conversation with the dealer but apart from that there is very little difference with e normal online casino. Choosing an online casino based on the lie casino alone would be extremely difficult as they are all very similar but likes the choice and range of games found at All Irish Casino and Fun Casino. There is plenty of choice of dealers and stakes which means you can select a table stake that fits your pocket without feeling that you have to over extend yourself. Stakes at online casinos will be lower generally than at the live casino but you will only notice that difference if you normally play for cents rather than Euro. If you feel like a break from the regular online casino play then by all means give live casino a try, you may even find that there is a bonus of some sort for new players. There often is even though you may have been playing at the regular online casino for some time. Generally speaking the take up of live casino has been a bit slow so online casinos are keen for players to give it a go.