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Try online casino baccarat for a change

By mr-casino on 2016-01-03 14:54:44

Online casinos carry a number of casino games that are not as popular as they deserve to be and one of those is Baccarat and the reason is probably that many Irish casino players do not understand the game and have only seen it played in the movies. Every online casino carries Baccarat and if there is a live casino option it is probably offered there as well. Despite the reputation baccarat has as being a high rollers game it is not and despite also having a reputation as being a casino game of skill it is a game of pure luck and there is no skill involved at all. In online casino baccarat there are only two hands dealt and neither of them belongs to the person playing baccarat as you can bet on either hand to win or for the result to be a tie. Those are the only three possible bets. You do not even have to know how to play as the casino dealer will play both hands which although might seem strange is done in accordance with such strict rules that there is no discretion. This is what makes baccarat a great online casino game as every detail can be programmed. The only real difficulty in baccarat is the counting of the value of the cards and even that is not difficult once you realise that every time a total goes over ten then ten is deducted so a total of 11 immediately becomes 1. Playing baccarat at an online casino can be as fast as you want to make it and the chances of winning are as good as most other online casino games. There are online casinos such as All Irish Casino that refer to Baccarat as Punto Banco but it is exactly the same game. Punto Banco is more likely to be the original game as the two hands are often called the player and the bank (punto and banco).