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Try online craps at your chosen online casino

By mr-casino on 2013-04-02 17:04:19

It is only just into April and Easter has come and gone already so we now have a long haul until summer which is as good a reason as any to look for a little distraction at an online casino. Online casinos carry a huge variety of casino games and the nice thing about them is that you have the opportunity to try most casino games for free which means that you can have a go at some of those casino games that you might otherwise avoid and one such game is online casino craps. Most Irish casino players will have heard of or even seen Craps being played and it is normally associated with a very large craps table and a lot of noise. The noise comes from the fact that although there can only be one thrower of the dice at any one time there can be many people betting on the outcome and in fact the craps table is double ended which means that the areas to place your bets are duplicated at each end of the table. Online craps is exactly the same game with all the same betting chances but only one end of the table is shown. Online craps does at first seem to be a very complicated casino game but it need not be so as there are very simple bets which can be placed to get you into the excitement of the game. There is a page here at which explains in more detail the game of craps but the simple bets are known as the “Pass Line” bet and the “Don’t Pass Line” bet. Each of these bets is placed before the first throw of the dice and are valid until won or lost; there are other bets which can be placed during the throwers turn which make life a little more complicated but to keep it simple theses two bets can provide loads of excitement.