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Try variations of online casino blackjack

By mr-casino on 2016-03-17 10:34:35

Blackjack is played at all online casinos but there are variations which could make the game more interesting such as those at All Irish casino is an online casino where there are a number of different blackjack games as well as the regular blackjack for different levels of stakes. For example there is a single deck blackjack game which as the name suggests is played with one deck instead of multiple decks; whether this in itself is an advantage to the online casino player is debatable but some blackjack players do prefer it. The only real difference between this blackjack game and the regular online blackjack games is that the dealer must draw on soft seventeen which to the inexperienced player means that if the dealer has a total of seventeen which includes an ace they must draw another card which obviously creates a good chance of going bust. This is especially useful for those blackjack players that like to stand on cards under 17. Another intriguing option available at some online casinos including all irish casino is what is called double exposure blackjack and in this game instead of only seeing one of the dealers cards they are both exposed before the player takes any action. This is clearly an advantage to the blackjack player as if the dealer is showing 17 or over you know what you have to beat so the player will continue drawing cards until they either win or bust. Conversely if the dealer is showing 15 or 16 a good blackjack player will make sure that do not bust even if that means standing on 12 as the chances of the dealer busting are high. To compensate the online casino a tie in double exposure blackjack is a win to the dealer instead of the normal push. These are interesting variations to the regular online casino blackjack games.