Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Two different alternatives for online casino lovers

By mr-casino on 2015-03-19 18:06:58

Part of what does for Irish casino players is find new online casinos and there have been a couple fairly recently which have been added to the recommended list and could be well worth looking at. Both of these online casinos also take away all the expectation about casino bonuses for new players which are noted for being hard to achieve as neither of them offer a traditional casino bonus but instead offer something different. Firstly there is no bonus casino ( which has discovered gives you 5% of your deposit back if you are unlucky enough to lose it all and this is not just for new online casino players but for every player every time they make a deposit which has got to be better than a one off casino bonus. Secondly there is free spins casino ( which instead of a casino bonus gives free spins on various casino slots with the size of the deposit and the casino slot chosen determining the number of free spins. Again this is valid for every deposit into the online casino. has also checked these online casinos out to make sure they are correctly operated and licensed and they are plus they both use a the well respected NetEnt casino software which has some very interesting casino games and is used in a number of top online casinos. The larger online casinos such as Paddy Power casino and Ladbrokes casino are also listed on the site as they are also great online casinos but the range of casino games is very similar on all four so really the choice is a matter of personal taste and which of the four has the graphics which you prefer. does not operate an online casino itself so does not push you in any specific direction.