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Understand what a casino bonus offers

By mr-casino on 2015-08-14 11:24:57

Most online casinos offer a bonus to new players who register a new account at the online casino and in some cases this even extends to players who maybe have an online account which has been used for sports betting but have never played at the online casino site. This bonus however is often not as simple as it might appear and the terms and conditions should be understood to avoid disappointment. The casino bonus is generally in the form of a match of the players first deposit and it is generally 100% but there can also be lesser percentage matches of second and even third casino deposits but this bonus money is not in the players actual account but held in a separate bonus account from which withdrawal is not possible until certain requirements have been met. The requirements differ from online casino to online casino but they all involve staking the bonus amount a certain number of times which of course is designed to give the online casino the maximum chance of winning back the money. The staking requirements can be expressed as a number of times the bonus must be staked or the number of times the bonus plus the deposit must be staked so one online casino might say 20 times your deposit plus your bonus and another online casino might say 40 times your bonus but in effect they are the same. Another thing to watch for in these staking requirements at online casinos is that some casino games only qualify partially or even not at all. Roulette for example at some online casinos may only qualify for 5% whereas casino slots usually qualify 100% which means that for every Euro spent on casino slots towards the requirement you will need to stake 20 Euro at roulette. A casino bonus does enable you to play for longer but do not expect an easy withdrawal of the cash.