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US online gambling still in the casino news

By mr-casino on 2014-03-02 10:14:19

Contrary to what we would have thought, not all casino operators in the USA are in favour of introducing online casinos and in fact according to the latest general casino news it seems to have generated two distinct camps. On the one side we have the American Gaming Association who represent such names as MGM and Caesars who want online casinos to expand and on the other side there are Wynn Resorts and Las Vegas Sands who are against any further expansion of online casinos. This split which has been in the casino news before comes after several states such as New Jersey and Nevada have passed legislation allowing online gambling and reports in the casino news would have us believe that several others are actively looking at the possibility. The two sides are both being quoted in the casino news with the AGA saying “Internet gaming is here. The choice for the industry is either to get involved or be pushed aside”. Other experts in the field of online casinos are publicly stating that the US market could be worth more than $13 billion within 5 years which would have massive tax revenues. Despite this Mr Adelson who is chairman of Las Vegas Sands has been quoted in the casino news as saying that he will spend whatever it takes to stop internet gambling. A professor from Boston College who studies online casinos and online gaming in general suspects that the opposition from Mr Adelson is due to a fear that online casinos will damage trade at his land based casinos but there has been no response to this. The battle is escalating with both sides spending huge amounts on advertising with the against parties showing memos from the FBI which state that an online casino can be used for money laundering. The debate promises to go on quite a bit longer before any change is made.