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Use caution when playing at an online casino

By mr-casino on 2012-04-03 10:16:48

For anybody carrying out transactions on the internet you are always advised to use caution and playing at an online casino is no different. The use of online casinos in Ireland is definitely on the increase and given the advantages of being able to play from home without travelling or worrying about your appearance or what you eat and drink, it is hardly surprising but the fact still remains that you should use caution and that is one of the reasons that is here. It can be very difficult when using an online casino to know exactly where that casino is based and whether it is trustworthy; it is an unfortunate fact that as more and more casino players join the ranks of online casino users so more and more dishonest web sites spring up. At we have some experience of online casinos and what sort of regulation and voluntary organisations are around and the whole idea is to help Irish casino players not to get caught out. There are plenty of good online casinos around but at we have sought to make recommendations about what we consider to be the best and we do this by studying the range of games that are offered as well as the graphics and the software used. also looks for correct licensing from an approved authority and membership of such organisations as e-COGRA is also an indication of a well run online casino. On our pages here at we also carry overviews of some of the most popular casino games with explanations on how to play and reviews of the online casinos that we recommend. does not operate a casino of any kind which leaves us free to be as objective as possible in our criticism or praise but it should not come as any surprise to Irish casino players or gamblers that Paddy Power casino does come out as one of the better offerings but if for any reason you do not like paddy power there are others listed here at from which to choose and play in a safe environment.