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Using a credit card for a casino deposit is not a good idea

By mr-casino on 2013-05-02 16:37:37

The original credit card was the Diners Club card and they have been round for over 60 years although it was not a true credit card as we know them today as it had to be paid off at the end of the month so the credit was limited. Since those days credit cards have become part of everyday life to such an extent that many people use them all the time without thinking about whether it is a good idea or not and using a credit card for casino deposits is not. In Ireland the two most popular credit cards are Visa and Laser with Laser being the same as Mastercard and Visa being the successor of Barclaycard and both can be used easily for deposits into online casinos.  Online casino deposits with credit cards however will be subject to at least two different charges which you should be aware of before making your credit card casino deposit. In the first place your money will be instantly available in your online casino account and it will therefore be treated in the same way as a credit card cash withdrawal from an ATM which means that the credit card issuer will start charging interest from the day of the deposit until you pay off the balance. The second charge is probably the most unreasonable but your credit card provider does not like gambling and online casinos are considered gambling with the result that there will be a charge which can be as high as 2% just because it is a credit card casino deposit. If you did not know about this, read the small print in the terms and conditions of your credit card. A much better online casino deposit method is either a debit card or one of the many e-wallets that are on the market today but think twice before making a credit card casino deposit.