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Using a credit card to deposit into your online casino may not be the best option

By mr-casino on 2011-10-20 15:28:08

Having decided that you want to try your luck at an online casino you have the task of deciding which of the many that are available will be your online casino of choice and here at we have done some of the research for you to provide you with at least a shortlist of online casinos that are honest and trustworthy but even after that decision you still have to decide how you are going to interact financially with your chosen casino. There are a number of casino deposit options available to you and although initially only how to deposit is the important issue you should choose a deposit option that allows for easy withdrawal of your winnings. The most popular casino deposit method is by credit card but this popularity does not make credit card casino deposits the best; and in fact we think there are better methods. It seems at first glance very simple to register your credit card and make a deposit into your account; the money is instantly available and you can play your chosen casino games straight away any time of the day or night but it is exactly this instant availability that can cost you money. Your credit card issuer will treat an online casino deposit in the same way as a cash withdrawal and that means that you will start paying interest from the day of the transaction; other casino deposit methods do not carry these costs. Using a credit card to make your online casino deposit will not usually attract any charges from the online casino but for reasons known only to credit card companies any form of gambling will attract a charge by the provider; this applies to any form of gambling not only online casinos. Our advice here at is to not use a credit card to make casino deposits if you have the choice as there are better deposit options out there..