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Using an e-wallet such as moneybookers for casino deposits makes sense

By mr-casino on 2011-09-30 14:33:14

Depositing into your online casino account can be done in many ways but using an e-wallet account such as moneybookers certainly counts among the best deposit methods. Generally speaking you want the cash available in your online casino account immediately and you also probably do not want to pay any charges for the privilege; moneybookers casino fits both of these requirements unlike some other deposit methods such as a credit card. Most people will find objectionable the fact that credit card issuers (mostly banks) make a charge which can be around 2% simply because it is a gambling site so although credit cards might be convenient they are not as good a deposit method as e-wallets such as moneybookers and if you really want to use your credit card then you can fund your moneybookers account using it and not be subject to any charges. Moneybookers is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority which makes it a perfectly safe way to pay for any online transactions and it can be funded in a variety of ways including direct transfer from your bank account. Another reason to use an e-wallet such as moneybookers is privacy in that you do not need to give your credit card details to the online casino provider and your credit card provider has no idea whether you are funding your online casino account or buying books. For Irish customers a couple of online casinos (Ladbrokes and Paddy Power) provide a facility for depositing into and withdrawing from your online account using cash over the counter but of course the shop needs to be open which it may not necessarily be at the time you decide you want to try your luck so being able to deposit with moneybookers is a sensible alternative. Online casino deposits are internet transactions so using a specialist internet payment method such as moneybookers makes a lot of sense..