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Vancouver BC may not get new super casino

By mr-casino on 2011-01-25 09:02:23

The Canadian Province of British Columbia has raised concern about money laundering in casinos by doubting whether a new super casino should be built. casino news has picked up on the fear that some politicians in Vancouver, BC think that their gambling regulations in the current state are insufficient to prevent organised crime laundering money in a proposed new super size casino. The proposed new casino would have up to 150 gaming tables and over 1000 slot machines making large cash transactions a regular feature but historically the Province does not have a particularly good record of control for example in the casino news comparatively recently it was reported that The BC Lottery Corporation was fined some $650,000 for “lack of care in cash transactions” by the Province money laundering watchdog. Casinos are not new to Vancouver as there are several in operation including “Edgewater”, the management of which was supposed to be the same as the new casino but it the size of the new one which is concerning the authorities. Previous reports have it that somebody walked into a casino in the Province with chips worth over $1,000,000 and requested cash which they got but worryingly for the authorities this was not even reported as an unusual transaction.  Generally British Columbia has nothing against casinos as they provide substantial revenue for the Province and the city but it seems that regulations might need to be tightened before the go ahead for a larger casino can proceed..