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Visa casino deposits are not that great

By mr-casino on 2016-04-16 12:05:56

Sooner or later (usually sooner)when opening an account with any of the online casinos you will be asked how you wish to make deposits into your casino account and although there are many choices the first that springs to mind is not necessarily the best. A Visa casino deposit can be either good or bad depending on what sort of Visa card you are using. A Visa credit card deposit into your online casino is a poor choice as there will be charges levied by the card issuer. The debit card version of Visa is much better as there are no charges. Online casinos do not charge for using either deposit method but the card issuer often does. For example when funding your online casino with a credit card there is an automatic charge because it is gambling. This might be unknown to many Irish casino players but it is contained in the small print of the agreement and you will certainly see it on your statement when it comes through. The second set of charges concerns interest. If you make a cash withdrawal from an ATM using your credit card you will pay interest charges from the day of the transaction and as money is available in your online casino account immediately when using a credit card it is also considered a cash transaction with interest applying immediately. These might all seem negligible amounts but when playing at an online casino you need all the help you can get and paying charges is not helpful. There are of course plenty of alternatives to Visa casino deposits including several e-wallets where the charges are fairly small but a debit card does remain very popular. The only possible drawback of using a debit card is that your bank details are known to the online casino so be sure to play at one of the online casinos that has good encryption and data protection such as are listed on