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Visa casino deposits are very popular in Ireland

By mr-casino on 2013-07-21 16:39:34

Online casinos have been around for a few years now but every day there are new players who discover the excitement and convenience of being able to play casino games without leaving your home and although some will take a look at a few different online casinos before deciding at which to play most will just pick from a site like this one but even then there are considerations about how to make deposits into your online casino account. Visa casino deposits are very popular in Ireland but there are of course two types of Visa; one is credit card and the other is a debit card but from an online casino perspective they are very different. Both of these Visa casino deposit methods will get the money into your casino playing account instantly but there are a couple of reasons for preferring the Visa debit card over the Visa credit card. Firstly for reasons known only to themselves credit card issuers do not like online gambling so if you use the card to fund your online casino account they will make a charge which can be up to 2% of the amount and secondly, as you have cash it is treated as a cash withdrawal from a cash machine which means that the interest clock starts ticking from the day of the casino deposit. Deposits made using a casino debit card however carry no such charges and are therefore preferred. As good citizens, also does not like the possibility that credit card deposits have to play at an online casino with money that you do not have and even if you clear your account at the end of every month, the temptation can still be there. Visa debit card casino deposits prevent this as if you do not have the cash in your bank account it cannot be paid into your casino account.