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Visa casino deposits with a debit card are better

By mr-casino on 2014-12-23 09:46:59

As we approach Christmas now is the time to make sure that you have enough money in your online casino account to take you through the festive season and although online casinos as well as online banking is supposed to work 365 days a year there is always a danger of disruption so planning a few days ahead is not a bad idea. There are several ways of making a deposit into an online casino account but unfortunately they are not all as good as each other so let us for example look at the Visa card. Online casinos accept both forms of Visa card namely the credit card and the debit card but the card issuer does not treat them in the same way. Visa casino deposits with a debit card are the simpler of the two and the money is available immediately in your online casino account and is also extracted immediately from your bank account which means there are no charges. Visa casino deposits with a credit card are however very different. The money is still available in your casino account straight away but as you are using a credit card the money is not withdrawn from your bank until you decide to pay it. The online casino is not concerned by this but you should be as interest on that money will start to be incurred from the day of the transaction in the same way as it would had you made a cash withdrawal from an ATM using the credit card and credit card companies are not well known for low interest rates. That is not the end of it however as online casinos have accounts that define them as gambling (not unreasonably) which means that there will be more charges from the credit card company, not the online casino, which can be as much as 2% but check the small print of your agreement if you want to know more. Debit card casino deposits are much better.