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Visa debit is better than visa credit for your online casino

By mr-casino on 2012-05-27 15:34:04

It seems that there is an ever increasing list of methods to make deposits and hopefully withdrawals to and from your online casino account but the most popular in Ireland remains the use of the Visa casino deposit method. Visa comes in two forms and they are quite different namely the credit card and the debit card version with the debit card being what we consider to be the preferred method but there are a number of considerations the most obvious of which is whether you have the money to gamble in the first place. At we would never encourage the playing at an online casino with money that you do not have or cannot  afford to lose and as the Visa casino debit card option takes money directly from your bank account that does at least help whereas the visa casino credit card option will not stop you running up debts that must be repaid at some time. Another consideration when using the visa casino credit card option is that you will be paying interest on the transaction from the day of the transaction; this is because as the money is instantly available in your online casino account your credit card provider will treat it in exactly the same way as it would a cash withdrawal from an ATM and at credit card interest rates this can mount up even before you see the statement. Yet another disadvantage of the visa credit card method is that your visa provider will almost certainly make a charge which can sometimes be 2% of the transaction value simply because it is a transaction in favour of a gambling company. This does not only apply to online casinos but to anything considered to be gambling and of course although we are discussing visa casino credit cards it also applies to other credit card companies.