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Watch the dealers card at online casino blackjack

By mr-casino on 2014-07-12 15:51:01

It is very difficult to determine which of all the casino games is the most popular at online casinos especially as in the casino slots section there are so many different ones but what is for sure is that blackjack is always up there near the top of the list as an online casino game. This is possibly because the online casino game of blackjack is very simple, everybody can play it and with a little bit of care you stand a good chance of winning. The online casino is the banker and that means that there is a small advantage to the online casino but the skill in blackjack is to minimize that advantage as much as possible by playing sensibly. When all is said and done there are only two hands in online blackjack and each one has as good a chance of winning as the other but the difference is that you as the player must play first and if you bust then you lose regardless of what happens later and in fact when playing online casino blackjack one to one nothing happens later in the hand. This gives the clue that a winning hand is a winning hand anyway so if you have 18 to the dealers 17 you win no argument but if you have a losing hand and can stick around and the dealer busts then you win. The dealer will bust probably around 30% of the time by playing the draw to 17 game but trying to be in the game when that happens is not as easy as it might seem as the only clue you have when playing online casino blackjack is the one dealer card that is visible and clearly a five or a six are weak cards that are more likely to result in a dealer bust than say a ten.