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What is the value of a casino bonus?

By mr-casino on 2015-12-12 09:57:47

It seems that every online casino is offering a casino bonus to new players but once you have signed up and created an account you are on your own so are the joining bonuses really worth anything? An online casino relies on gaining new players on a regular basis and apart from heavy advertising one of the ways to attract new players is offer what appears to be free money but of course it isn’t. The most popular form of casino bonus is the one which promises to match the size of your first deposit into the online casinos and the match is generally 100% and just occasionally there is also a match of your second deposit as well which can often be to a lesser percentage. A recent addition called gives 100% on both your first and second deposits. All of the online casinos however have what is called a play through requirement which in effect means that the bonus and sometimes the first deposit as well must be staked a number of times before any money can be withdrawn and not all casino games count towards the play through requirement. This of course gives the online casino the chance to win back the casino bonus before you can get your hands on it and you may even find in the terms and conditions that there is a maximum that can won or withdrawn so even if you are lucky enough to strike a casino jackpot while using the casino bonus you still might not be able to get it out. The value of this casino bonus therefore becomes questionable apart from the fact that you get to play for longer than would otherwise be the case. There are a couple of alternatives worthy of mention and they are  and at which every online casino deposit attracts some kind of promotion.