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When making a casino deposit not all options are equal

By mr-casino on 2018-11-26 10:17:21 has written several articles about the various casino deposit options which are offered by online casinos but it is possibly time for a recap for those thinking of joining the ever expanding group of online casino players.  Online casinos are keen to make it as easy as possible for you to make deposits into your online casino account and therefore offer a variety of methods which include the major debit and credit cards and several e-wallets as well as direct bank transfer and pre loaded cards such as Paysafe. The online casino does not mind which of these methods you use as they have the cash pretty much immediately and can credit your account straightaway enabling you to play any of the casino games but for the depositor things can be different. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages and your chosen deposit method will depend on how much importance you attach to each. All methods are secure as long as the online casino you have chosen has secure systems in place which can be verified by checking for example for the padlock symbol issued by which amongst others can be seen at All Irish Casino. If you choose one of the online casinos listed at there will be no concerns as they have all been checked.

The most popular casino deposit method is to simply grab a credit card as you might do for any of your online shopping but when it comes to online casinos this might not be the best solution even though it might be the most convenient. Credit card companies seem to have a thing about online casinos or indeed any form of gambling so many of them make additional charges to transactions which can be as much as 2% of the transaction value. This might not seem very much but when compared to the margins that players work on at online casinos it can be quite a lot. To explain this further, casino games such as Roulette have a theoretical return of something around 97% which means that over time you should expect to lose around 3% of your stakes. An additional 2% on top of this is a big chunk. If you were unaware of this additional charge you are advised to check the wording of your agreement, which few ever read, and you may well find the paragraph concerning gambling. If this were not bad enough, online casino deposits using a credit card will be subject to further charges for the simple reason that these deposits are considered rightly or wrongly to be cash transactions. It is true that the cash from such a transaction is available in your online casino account immediately and you can use it to play the casino games straightaway but then if you buy something in a shop and take it away you also have immediate use but probably the retailer is paying a fee to the credit card company. Whatever the reason, your credit card issuer will treat an online casino deposit as a cash transaction in exactly the same way as it would a cash withdrawal from an ATM.

Most Irish casino players do not use a credit card for withdrawing cash from an ATM for the simple reason that interest is charged from the day of the transaction which means that even if you pay off your credit card completely every month there will be interest charges and credit card interest charges are very high. Credit cards are very convenient for most things including online casino deposits but the charges might outweigh the convenience for many people. Using a debit card has no such charges so might be a better option for some. Most major debit cards will be accepted as one of the casino deposit options at all online casinos and the cash will be available in your account immediately. A possible drawback for some might be that you need to have money in your bank account to use a debit card so if you live on credit this is not a possible option. For the vast majority however this is a much better method than a credit card and anyway would always discourage playing any casino game with money that you do not have and can afford to lose and playing with credit should be discouraged as that can lead to problems. The vast majority of players using credit cards as a casino deposit method have no such problems but they are paying through the nose.

E-wallets have become very popular over the years and whereas PayPal used to be the only one around there is now a good choice. There seems to be very little to choose between them so as long as your chosen online casino accepts payment simply use the one you have. As far as the online casino is concerned it does not matter although you may find that some online casinos do not accept PayPal for the simple reason that they charge the casino for the privilege which some refuse to do based on the thin margins with which they are working. Whichever of the casino deposit options you choose, the online casino will almost certainly not make any charge for using it but be aware that they are obliged to pay out any winnings or withdrawals using the same method as you did for your deposit. This again incurs no charges from the online casino but it may delay the returned cash hitting your account. Full details can normally be found at the banking page of the online casino in question. Registering an account at an online casino is a very simple process although verification documents may be required to identify you as who you say you are but this is a requirement of the licensing authority which is designed to prevent fraud and money laundering and cannot be avoided but giving some thought to how you intend finding your account can be beneficial.