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Which casino software is used can be important

By mr-casino on 2011-12-03 11:12:42

You may often wonder just how important a casino software provider is when you are playing at your favourite online casino but for those that run the online casinos it appears to be very important especially when you see that Paddy Power casino has recently changed casino software provider resulting in a whole new online casino coming on stream. Different casino software means different casino games and casino slots and the more choice the better it seems but equally important or even more important in our eyes is the size of the jackpots which are available and this is where the larger casino software providers have a benefit. The huge jackpots which are available are in fact not provided by the online casino operator but by the software provider with each user of that software providing contributions to the pot; you will no doubt have noticed that several online casinos carry the same slots and that the jackpot size is the same and this is why. The jackpot can be won on any of the online casinos which use that particular software but of course it should be remembered that the larger the jackpot the less chance you have of winning it so in some ways it can also be better to go for a slots or casino games with a lesser jackpot. The casino software is of course also important for the graphics and presentation of the casino as you see it on screen although clearly the online casino is responsible for the colour scheme and branding so although some online casinos offer exactly the same range of casino games they can appear to different on the screen. Casino software is important but it really comes down to which online casino you feel happy with and if you are not happy try a different one, there are plenty to choose from right here at