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You can choose your online casino but not the casino software

By mr-casino on 2019-05-21 09:46:54

One of the things that people often choose to ignore is how the internet manages to work. We log on and do our shopping without thinking about what is behind it all but when it comes to online casinos the software is all important. Software for sports gambling sites is more often than not developed by the gambling company themselves but online casino software is quite different in that it is developed by specialist companies who then license it or sell it to the online casinos. This becomes very obvious to Irish casino players who look around at different online casinos as they will see the same games popping up in different places indicating that the same casino software is being used. The fact that online casino software is produced by specialist companies does mean that prospective entrants to the online casino market no longer have to worry about software which makes it easier and is possibly an explanation as to why there are so many online casinos around in comparison to the number of casino software developers. Interestingly enough as well as new online casinos appearing on a regular basis there are also new casino software developers marketing their wares.

The better known and larger casino software companies are Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech although Amanet is also an up and coming name. There are plenty of smaller ones whose casino games, which are mostly casino slots, are very interesting but the range is quite small and these are generally found in combination with each other at an online casino. That said many of the online casinos listed at have taken the route of offering multiple choice of casino software thus giving the player a maximum choice of games. It is really no disadvantage to online casino players to have the same games available at different online casinos and in fact when it comes to progressive jackpot slots it can be a distinct advantage. This is because the jackpots on offer are built up by each spin contributing a small amount so the more online casinos that carry the slot the more spins there will be so the jackpots build faster and can grow larger than would otherwise be the case. For the online casinos, however, it can create an issue as the selection of casino games available at the casino is no longer a selling point they can use which means they need to find something else to attract and maintain players. Many online casinos have chosen to use a casino bonus as a means to attract new players but this does nothing to keep existing players.

This type of casino bonus for new players is generally one where the casino matches Euro for Euro the players first ever deposit into their account. It can also be extended to second or even third deposits but the match in that case is likely to be less than the 100% offered on the first deposit. This cannot be considered free money as even though the bonus money is available to play casino games neither the bonus money itself nor any profits can be withdrawn until certain conditions have been met. These conditions usually state that the money must be staked 40 times on certain casino games which can be pretty difficult to achieve and still have money over. Fortunately there are alternatives to this and one of those can be found at No Bonus Casino which happens to be in the top three online casinos according to and which is accessible directly from this site. No Bonus casino believes that any promotion available to new players should also be available to existing players who have shown loyalty plus they think that bonuses which are hard to get are not really bonuses at all. The result is that they offer no bonuses to anybody but instead offer cash back is a player loses. This may sound pretty remarkable but it is factual. The system at No Bonus Casino is simple enough and states that any player who makes a deposit into their online casino account and somehow manages to lose it all on the same day that the deposit was made is entitled to 10% cash back.

This cash back does not need to be claimed as it will appear in the players account the very next day. Unlike many casino bonus systems there are no catches. Any of the casinos games can be played; the only important thing is that the deposit is lost. There are no restrictions on what must happen with the cash returned, it becomes the players money immediately so if they want to carry on playing they can but if the player prefers to withdraw the cash for another day that is also possible and as stated in the beginning this promotion is available to every player on every deposit made into their casino account.

Even if this offer were not available would still be recommending No Bonus Casino as it has everything that most online casino players would want including a great range of casino software from several suppliers. This means that there are casino slots which have massive jackpots which run into the millions of Euro as well as those which are more entertainment biased such as Gonzo’s Quest™. The online casino is correctly licensed both by the Malta Gaming Authority and by the UK Gambling Commission, uses random number generators which are regularly checked by third parties and subscribes to many of the problem gambling sites which try to prevent addiction. It is also a friendly place to be and has been around for a number of years. All in all this online casino is right up there amongst the best and with the offer of cash back it is pretty tough to find a better one. If for some reason this does not appeal then rest assured that all of the online casinos listed at the site are correctly licensed and carry fair casino games so by all maesn choose one of the others.