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You can refuse to take a casino bonus for good reasons

By mr-casino on 2016-09-21 10:23:58

Online casinos which offer a casino bonus also offer you the chance not to accept the bonus even though that option is not that obvious. For example at Ladbrokes casino you will need to send them an e-mail in order not to participate but if it is such a good thing why would you not accept it? The answer to that question depends on what you expect from your casino play. Each online casino is slightly different in the amounts awarded but the principles are the same. If you made a deposit of €100 without a bonus you would be free to stop and withdraw cash at any time so for example if you played casino slots and ran through your €100 and ended up with €150 you could stop right there and then and if you wanted to; withdraw your cash. Had you elected to take the joining bonus that would not be the case. Once you take the online casino joining bonus both your deposit and the bonus are subject to what are known as play through requirements which are often as much as 40 times the bonus amount. This is sometimes expressed as 20 times the bonus amount plus your deposit amount which amounts to the same thing if the matching bonus is 100%. In the above example even though you have managed to accumulate €150 after playing your €100 through once you can do nothing with it until you have played it through another 39 times. The chances are therefore that you will eventually lose both the bonus money and your initial deposit. If that was your intention anyway then you have had twice the fun but if not then maybe taking the bonus was not such a good idea. There are however alternatives.

There are two very good online casinos for Irish casino players listed at which have alternatives to this matching bonus scheme. The first one to look at is called No Bonus casino and the name rather gives away the fact that it does not offer any sort of casino bonus. Instead of a casino bonus this online casino attracts new players with an offer of cash back if you lose but the promotion is not only available to new casino players but is on offer to all players on every casino deposit that they make. The No Bonus casino promotion is simple and states that if you make a deposit on any given day, play any of the casino games and lose all of that deposit on the same day then you will receive 10% of your deposit back the very next day. What is more, there are no restrictions on what you can do with that cash back. There is no need to play the casino games umpteen times and the cash is not placed into a bonus account separate from your playing account. It is cash refunded into your playing account and you can do anything you lie with it including taking it from your account if you so wish. Nothing could be simpler and as already stated this is not a one off offer, it is for every player on every deposit made. You can of course opt out and you must have lost all of that deposit on the same day plus there are restrictions on the amount of money you can hold in your account while the promotion is active but this has got to better than any of the restrictive casino bonuses that claim to give you money.

Another option which rather likes is at Freespins Casino. The promotion here is that instead of a casino bonus matching your deposit you can receive free spins on a selection of casino slots. The number of free spins received will depend on the size of your deposit and the casino slot which you chose to play at but for example a deposit of €250 will entitle you to 450 free spins on Starburst™ or 225 free spins on Gonzo’s Quest™. Both of these have an equivalent monetary value of €45 which is roughly 18% of your deposit. There are no play through requirements as such on the free spins, you simple play them and see what happens but if you end up in positive territory after the free spins which is quite possible then there are requirements to be met before you can take the cash out. The winnings from free spins will be placed in your casino bonus account and those winnings must be played through 50 times on qualifying games which include casino slots before withdrawals can be made but remember that this is free money anyway. This play through must also be completed within 2 days. Once again this offer is available for all players at freespins casino on every deposit made. There is the option not to receive free spins which is done by simply ticking the box when making a deposit so no e-mail or other complication required. The only slight downside to this offer which is why there is an option not accept it is that in order to withdraw cash from your account you must have staked your casino deposit 5 times which is vastly different from the 40 times spoken about earlier.

The casino bonus is an interesting feature of online casinos and it does attract new players to one online casino rather than another but it will help if you really understand the terms and conditions which are attached. All online casinos offer slightly different amounts and sometimes the casino bonus deposit matching scheme applies to more than your first deposit but the staking requirements will still be there in one form or another. Freespins casino and No Bonus casino offer good alternatives but if you really want ot be free from any obligations the only way is to decline the bonus which is easier at some online casinos than at others. Enjoy your online casino play.