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You do not need to understand Baccarat to play and fun.

By mr-casino on 2010-09-05 12:05:41

Some think that Baccarat is the king of casino card games and we wouldn’t rush to disagree although many poker players would. Baccarat or to give it the name Punto Blanco as it is known in the States is one of the oldest casino games and historically often had private rooms to separate the high rollers who played the game from the rest of the casino. In the French version which is known as Chemin de Fer a player could become the dealer which could therefore rattle up large wins or losses in very quick time but we haven’t yet found an online casino offering this version. Baccarat online is simple to play but at first glance and without an explanation you will find it very confusing as the value of cards and the counting of cards is a bit different but if you read our section on Baccarat and then try playing free Baccarat you will soon master it. From a betting perspective it could not be simpler as there are only three possible outcomes of each deal; either the banker wins or the player wins or it is a tie and unusually in Baccarat you can bet on the banker winning. The dealer plays second in Baccarat which in a similar way to blackjack gives the dealer an advantage but as you can bet on the dealer winning the online casino will even things up by deducting 5% from the winnings of a bank bet which effectively evens things up. Another  nice thing about Baccarat is that you do not actually need to understand the play of the cards, all plays follow strict rules so whether you understand what is going on or not does not matter; definitely worth giving it a try..